Tanking doesn’t pay off for the Knicks, Suns, The Truth Behind Tanking In The NBA 2 days ago   04:32

Mike Greenberg applauds NBA commissioner Adam Silver for implementing the NBA draft lottery's new system, so teams attempting to tank will not be rewarded with heavy odds to land the top overall pick.
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He Cap
So they saying if every team competes
Then the warriors can get 1 pick makes no sense
Nate Jones
somebody please tell me a team that has won a championship from "tanking" how do you make the argument that fans spend thousands of dollars to see their team play but I guarantee you more fans want their team to get a good draft pick, how is tanking looked down upon but a contender with multiple picks in one year is applauded?? somebody explain to me how small market teams are supposed to get better if they can’t even get a good pick? cus you know damn well no free Agents are looking to go to small market teams or even bad teams in general, if you’re a bad team you’re just a bad team, there’s no point in having a draft if the worst teams in the league aren’t getting the top picks
The Bulls weren’t tanking for the most part they were injury prone 🤦🏽‍♂️
Pels tank got pick 1, LeBron gets pick 4 and Zion out of the media as well as he could of asked since if he was on the Knicks, there goes half the media coverage ESPN give him.
LordZo Bey
The bulls going to show the NBA they don't new shit
Nick Lau
Changing the draft lottery rules = Helping Lebron's team.
Del Stanley
I don't think it diminishes tanking at all. Despite people feeling better because the lousiest teams that champion tanking this year weren't rewarded won't mean it's going away soon. Teams that tank are ALREADY BAD, or close to it, and being the "best of the worst" doesn't mean squat. No, it is about probabilities. Any edge to improve a team's chances at getting to the top of the draft will ALWAYS be taken. A 14% chance of selecting number 1 is still more than twice as good as a team with a 6% chance. They will always remember those odds despite it backfiring recently. Over a period of time we all know 14% or 18% beats 6 or 2%. So if the lower odds won THIS time then they're thinking (rightly or wrongly) the higher odds MUST prevail next year (even if it doesn't), and it is BACK TO TANKING, if anything to get better odds even though the odds are lowered. I wouldn't be pulling out the cigars thinking that the most recent draft order means this is the end of tanking. Bad teams will still want to TRY to improve their chances regardless of the actual result.
shavais wright
I'm happy the NBA change that I wish the teams would go in the NBA Gleague and try to get sleepers
Perseverance 1st
As a bulls fan I’m both happy and absolutely pissed about this...on the negative side with got fucked out of a top 5 pick, on the positive bulls gams will be watchable because no more of this tanking crap. I’m happy for it. Now all we need is to get rid of the front office 🤷🏾‍♂️
B C140
1. The Knicks didn’t tell anyone they were getting Zion, fans were buying their tickets anyway. 2. You said top 2, and if they got the second pick you’d be saying top 1, what ever floats your agenda. The knicks beat the lottery odds when they were more likely to get 4 or 5. Go ask the suns bulls and cavs what it’s like to lose the lotto
And trying to win didn’t work for the Hawks.
Connor Anderson
I like how in a draft with 3 clear great players, they say that the Knicks failed this season because they didn’t get a “top 2” pick. WE GETTING RJ. I am perfectly happy with getting RJ
Terence Thomas
"Danny Ainge sells used cars for full price." - Damon Jones

That's absolutely hilarious.
Bulls weren’t tanking I watched all 82 games:

-Lauri hurt before season even starts
-Otto trade didn’t happen til end of szn
-Wendell only played first half
-Lavine carried most of the load that was it
Daegan AM
I think this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Adam Silver continues to impress with reasonable changes fans have been looking for for YEARS!

The Grizzlies getting a 2nd pick is well deserved. They did bad this year but they fought hard for nearly a decade to make it work and it's about time. Same thing with the Pelicans.
top 3 is still a blessing lol this draft is loaded
Felipe Murillo
A Jew clapping for another Jew. What a shock.
The Knicks were never tanking they just couldn't beat teams with the talent they have. This is bs. Standing ovation at us Knicks fans being screwed for another 10 years. GTFOH
Greenie as a Knicks fan. F*ck you. Where were you when the Sixers were pulling this for 6 years!!!!
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The Truth Behind Tanking In The NBA Tanking doesn’t pay off for the Knicks, Suns, 2 days ago   07:27

There's been some new changes to the draft lottery, recently made by commissioner Adam Silver in an attempt to stop tanking. The three worst teams in the NBA all have equal chances of getting the #1 pick now...but will tanking really go away?

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