Token - No Service (Official Music {{ REACTION }} Token - Mom Would Agree 2 months ago   03:58

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Prod. Nox Beatz

Video Directed by Ben Proulx and Token

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Brendon Pickthorne
He has talent
Gamer Monkey
I got a phone service add on this
Andy Willis Andy
been here since eraser shavings and this right here is why i am still around.
Token be the next real rap god as far as i am concerned.
keep up the amazing lyrical art you produce with each song, we'll all be here to hear it each and every time.
thank you
kane dann
He low key looks like Hopsin
Dalton White
This guys gonna blow up like I said with NF
Tlotlo Mookapele
token is legendary
Davi Carvalho
Парабала Тулогпая
Like, nike, sick
Nice Melody.
S I E S Lush
i've never listend to a rap that actually put me in tears like this just cuz of that i feel like the things u rap about
Been a follower for a while now , thanks for sharing your art.
Zaderian Hardwick
🔥 🔥 🔥
Zaderian Hardwick
Sounds like the intro to candyman
Vetrix Gamer
Is this his life or does he just wants view
uuhh dink dink dink
Dayum, this is kid can spit the real shit!
The fact that this is only 1.6 mill is sad
This is my favorite👌🏻👌🏻
mr copyright m
He’s right guys. We love u man you speak truth and encouragement into our hearts and give US faith to keep going. You mean a lot to a lot of people in this world weather you know them personally or not you’ve stopped some from committing suicide.... you do mean something token. Keep that head up bro. We love you.
Lil Dripp
This song is so fucking good that i made 5 new acc to like it 5 times more
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{{ REACTION }} Token - Mom Would Agree Token - No Service (Official Music 2 months ago   11:06


Token - Mom Would Agree (Official Music Video)