Inside the mind of a former radical 10 things you didn't know about 2 months ago   17:23

"For a long time, I lived for death," says Manwar Ali, a former radical jihadist who participated in violent, armed campaigns in the Middle East and Asia in the 1980s. In this moving talk, he reflects on his experience with radicalization and makes a powerful, direct appeal to anyone drawn to Islamist groups that claim violence and brutality are noble and virtuous: let go of anger and hatred, he says, and instead cultivate your heart to see goodness, beauty and truth in others.

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Thats your opinion, they have theirs based off the same the text is the problem because it is not clear
Mario Miranda
War? It’s all ego. Watch unity documentary here on youtube or Facebook also on amazon
kenza Boubou
it is really difficult what you've been through, my heart aches for you Sir.
curios one
Justifying terrorism and jihad
Klivity Loja
Ayan Hirsi Ali's book, Infidel is a must read biography of her Muslim upbringing and her liberation when she fled forced marriage. A TRUE HERO.
If I've learned one thing in life is that people never change. The propensity to react violently is at the core. So forgive but don't forget.
Sams S
Who put this jihad word bras in there Kuran ?? Bhen k chote pakode apne app word ghused diye apni diary Mai, they don't understand their own Kuran properly 😂😂😂 some say Kuran is this that , some say violence , they don't even know which one is their real Kuran 🤣 , their own religion is a game n fun game 😎 ...Muslim is the most lul n hopeless religion as of now 😃 fun game funny religion 🤗...
Fahad Naushad
_Masha'Allah_ that's amazing story ! I wish to read a book about your biography !
Islam B
Is it just me or did he just reveal himself as an agent who worked for the British Government who used to recruit young Muslims against the Soviets in the 80's/90's? Well that's not a surprise at all. The US and EU were widely known to support Jihadist groups against Russians. They supported Chechniya in the first war. This was a different time, Muslims weren't labeled as "terrorists". I suspected any man with a long beard preaching Jihad of being an Agent when I was a kid. Its the exact reason why I distrust these groups and question their Agenda.

After watching this video I only grew in suspicion that all these groups are indeed supported by the war mongers. There are many forms of Jihad and make no mistake, fighting is one of them. It is an obligation. However whats going on now is a mess and its best to stay out of it until Allah shows us a better way. I don't support killing of innocent people in any shape or form no way no how.
nutella nuteloo
I call you #modernmuslim
Rick Robbins
Something just doesn't seem right with this guy. #1 He talks about his time as a Jihadist and keeps mentioning GOD, when in fact they worship Allah (not the same). #2 Muslim's don't have preachers, they are called teachers (not the same). #3 His voice and body language just doesn't seem that of a ex-fighter.
Ana Macêdo
my goodness...this guy is as psychopathic as the German leader such as Hitler, Eichmann, Goebbels, Goering, always trying to justify their acts. I'd never believe this man. He's probably recruiting others at this moment.
This was one of the more eye opening TED talks I’ve see. I hope those on the edge of radicalization get a chance to see this man’s testimony.
Culm Mannion
The thing is this man is two faced he believes he will be rewarded for his jihad then speeks against others who do jihad.
Culm Mannion
Don't trust this man people. He is a Woolf in sheep's clothing, and a spy for the UK government!!
I am sorry... but there is *a absolutely no way* to know if an ISIS TERRORIST HAS SEEN THE LIGHT, OR NOT. I dont know how that can happen, but until someone SHOWS ME, *I CANNOT PUT MY COUNTRY, MY CHILDREN, MY FAMILIES LIVES AT RISK SIMPLY BY THEIR WORDS*

I know that sounds harsh but when you watch a video of heads being cut off and paraded and laughed at, gay ppl thrown off buildings, ppl blowing themselves up murdering hundreds of INNOCENT ppl, setting INNOCENT people on fire in cages... cutting off the heads of 21 Coptic CHRISTIANS on a beach and laying their heads on their chest as the tide runs red in their blood....
I dont know how I can be asked to risk them in my COUNTRY or COMMUNITY.

I'm sure there are ones who are sorry.. but MANY ARE NOT. I pray for all of you peace if you are regretful and see the light, I truly do... but my family and children deserve my protection.
chicken balls tv
His haircut
Jihad Countermeasures
No such thing as a "radical jihadist". Muslims are all jihadists.
Join us on “Minds” to work towards the goal of expelling every Muslim from the United States and all other modern countries.
The Elite
where did the accent come from?
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