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Top 33 Unexpected Goals | 15 Biggest Cheating In Football, That - At Up-Tube.com

Top 33 UNEXPECTED Goals 15 BIGGEST Cheating In Football, That 7 months ago   06:33

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Elektronomia - Limitless [NCS Release]

#Unexpected #Goals #Football

Comments 70 Comments

Mitchell Hampson
Number 9 was great
נועם דניאל
1:00 is the best🇮🇱🇮🇱
Omar AF
Play fifa 2019 the same
Aaron Goodrum
Always stupid music with these compilation vids. Whats wrong with just listening to the sound of football?
Govany Gaid
Number 7 is legal??? The 1 is really incredible!
3:38nice fake😭😭
compilations and vines
Some tricky, some unexpected rebounds, all neat.
Mohamed Ali Saad
What Amazing 😍✨
Victor Mendoza
Second goal shouldn’t be allowed, that’s clearly a high kick/ dangerous . Another kick I can never understand how it’s not called a foul. Bicycle kicks. Most of the time there is a player nearby while the bicycle kick is performed. However its never called a “dangerous/high kick?
cool blue
I hate to tell you all this, but no 26 was no goal. You will find it was outlawed in the 70s. Coventrys Ernie Hunt and Willie Carr scored the Coventry Flipper. After the match it was decided in future that move would be illegal. Find out why for yourself.
X Saint
The only way to watch these football compilation is on mute
Bag Him
4:06 is what you're after
Tim Howard vs Everton!
What f**cking awful music!
Look 11 number
Hayatının bütün şansını burada kullanmışlar.
No. 24 is brilliant
2:50 mvp goals
Inbarasan Firminho
The first goal is Another level 😂 😂
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15 BIGGEST Cheating In Football, That Top 33 UNEXPECTED Goals 7 months ago   10:02

15 BIGGEST Cheating In Football, That Shocked The World [2018] ⚽
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