Theo James Strips & Shailene Divergent - Bringing Divergent to Life 3 months ago   03:19

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We challenged the cast of The Divergent Series: Insurgent to a fun game of Candor or Dauntless, aka Truth or Dare.

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Sumaiyya Afrin
Theo is just😍🤤❤️😩
Mora Kennon
“Peter” is all my moods in one video
Kayleigh Nicole
Brooo Theo is so hot and I can’t handle it🤤🥵
Dlicia Lal
2:49 goddd😂😂😂
hailey Carroll
Control your self miss
Mel Sparks
Anyone else hate that she kept asking them to take their shirts off?
Zairah Naz
Yep he’s still handsome even taking down one button......2:52 caleb though with that I’m too sexy from that shirt......😂😂😍😍😭😭
shut up cause Its hazelnut
Who's here now in 2019 repeatedly watching this video to see theo's hotness😍?
dauntless 4
‘Did you practice’
Would you practice a kiss?
Erica Harmon
They were all good baby🤤😩
DaddyBear xx
Theo is so attractive
rock roll
I am miles. miles is me.
abigail barthelus
The girl was flirting with every one
Khulekile Khoza
She is so into THEO ❤️
mtmu 24
Sister Spooked
Sister Spooked
Miles is just me
Thomas Delaronde
Bro that girl is so ugly with short hair.. 🤦🏽‍♂️
She’s was in not another teen movie?!😂😂
2:17 me trying to be hot in front of my crush
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Divergent - Bringing Divergent to Life Theo James Strips & Shailene 3 months ago   47:18

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