Affirmative Action's Long-Lasting Effects JUDGE FOR YOURSELF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION 1 day ago   02:11

California Management Review
Although affirmative action was introduced as a temporary measure to correct historical workplace and economic inequities, it's proven remarkably effective in reducing the employment gap for black workers as many firms have continued to make diverse hires well after federal AA contracts have ended.

Read UC Berkeley Prof. Conrad Miller's work "The Persistent Effect of Temporary Affirmative Action" here:

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JUDGE FOR YOURSELF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Affirmative Action's Long-Lasting Effects 1 day ago   09:01

Judge Dennis Davis discusses what form of affirmative action is the best to adequately transform South Africa and ensure that injustices of apartheid are redressed. To discuss this we are joined by Dirk Groenewald from Solidarity, Marius Redelinghuys, Democratic Alliance MP and Vuyani Ngalwana from the Johannesburg Society of Advocates.