Kodak Black - If I'm Lyin, I'm Flyin Yung Bleu - Ice On My Baby (Remix 5 months ago   03:01

Kodak Black
Kodak Black - If I'm Lyin, I'm Flyin
Stream/Download: https://Kodak.lnk.to/IfImLyinImFlyin

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Gaming For clash smith
He's cause at the end he's flying
Vigena Dameus
Yes Kodak Black do this how you do it. Do this how you do it yeah that's how you do it cuz you killing it and I can't stop doing this cuz you are awesome. You are all I need you are everything you're awesome you're famous I'm your first fan of this whole tire world and plus don't let people talk about you that you're ugly but you're not ugly you're good you're famous you're awesome you're great you're everything I need you're my best best best friend and I always wear your side and I'll give you the side but if you really want to go to heaven you have to be into the side cuz Devil he's going to use you so don't let that will get you be in Jesus side please be in Jesus side after when it's 10 days Jesus he don't do nothing to you only devil he kill you with fire after 10 days so Jesus is nice and he never kills you because his dad in heaven for every day so just take out that tattoo please they have that tattoo and you'll be a great Jesus person you're going to heaven be so good Jesus we love you take the tattoo off
Sneaker Bay
Here’s to my trip to Cali in 5 days ... yes I’m flying there lol
weepy willow
You want it step by step????
king khi
when im 35 if this plays on the radio id be so hype any kodak his music will live on
Fraser Humphrey
ID of the multicoloured tiger shirt?
Ugly rapper wake ass jams
Jerome Jackson
Rip x 1:50
Hailey Griffin
Tyler Hoerndlein
Fuck Kodak black cock sucking motherfucker
alxandra martinez
fresh be@t smoke one for the homies
Lightning Style Kirin
Kodak gained hella weight
Kaydence Davis
Lit Bra
Rexx Roberts
alt-woke=racist,republican,hate,black,asshole,channel.go there,give him some shit
Taylor Amos
Dude theree is a a pic of tentacion around 1:50 find it then show every one else!
Katherine Brito
t these niggas knock me off my pivot
God sat me down and talked to me, I listened
I was in that cell, he told me that I’m gifted
I don't make it in the booth, then I'ma make it in the kitchen
I’m special with the mic, special with the whippin'
I ran out of money, had to pay attention
All the people that was 'round me, they ain't have my best interest
You ain't have my best interest
You lazy with yo' loyalty and yo' position
And now I gotta execute 'cause you don’t listen
That throwaway on me, dumpin’ with precision
I know shawty only on my trail 'cause she see a ticket
I read between the lines and people, they intentions
Can’t have you niggas around me shit gon' go to missing
I had to press that bump, I had to feel it
You know if it ever come down to it, a nigga with it
All these drugs got the whole world jiggy
Hoes comin' out they clothes and niggas trippin'
Why hit the top to go back to the bottom?
All these bitches fallin’ for me like it's autumn
I'm tryna tell you, homie, you don't want none
They freed me so I'm right back to that money hunt
Somebody tell these niggas they don't want none
Kodak Black but I'm spreadin' blue hundons
They said my nigga Cool on the fuckin' run
When they let him out of prison, I'll be 31
I knew I was a star when I was sellin' hard
Everybody told me I would make it when I was on the block
See, before the rap shit, I was jackin' cars
I couldn't get all my time 'cause I was doin' fraud
Me and my nigga Lil' Marcus tearin' up the Y
It hurt me to my heart, I heard they gave him 25
I'm from the Nolia, all I know is slang that iron
Just like I told you, if I'm lyin' then I'm flyin'
Just like I told you, if I'm lyin' then I'm flyin'
Just like I told you, if I'm lyin' then I'm flyin'
Travie Knight
Brazzy 💯💥
BAMA 256
This the real First Day Out
Kenny Cole
2:21 2:27 is the best part of the video plz like my comment
Олег Григорук
Kodak good Father
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Yung Bleu - Ice On My Baby (Remix Kodak Black - If I'm Lyin, I'm Flyin 5 months ago   03:29

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