Making Cup Gliders with Sand Spinny Bird - Weird Magnus 1 day ago   03:12

Creating Creations
In this video I will show you an Experiment that I did with magnus effect cup gliders.
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Creating Creations
Thanks every one for watching! and Special thanks to "rowgli" for the suggestion.
Please let me know your opinion on the reason why this worked a bit better.
Make another one, but glue the sand paper on it with the sand side in. Shoot both many times in a windless area. Do everything exactly the same every time. Measure which one travels furthest. That will tell you whether it's the rough surface or the extra mass that is giving you the better glide.
Electro Retro
Bro iam mc's creations friend your channel is awesome by the way check out my channel
Wayne Sullivant
Techs Science
But why sand paper???
The smooth surface will work better
Gideon Minks
Maybe it's the added weight plus more rubber band power? It would be interesting to see the normal cup glider shot with the 2nd rubber band. Great vid btw! 😀👍
Natasha Britten
Well, I guess now there's a way for the cup gliders to go even further! How cool! You did great. :)
Meme It
So do I have to use that kind of sandpaper? Cuz like here in the US the sandpapers r much more thinner. Great vid by the way.
mrsniperz .monteex
That's pretty awesome man. I've seen some of ur vids. They are super awesome. Thumbs up!
MC's Creations
Awesome work, my friend!!! Really nice! 😃
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Spinny Bird - Weird Magnus Making Cup Gliders with Sand 1 day ago   13:04

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