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Does Body Language Prove | Body Language Proof James - At Up-Tube.com

Does Body Language Prove Body Language Proof James 3 months ago   11:57

Derek Van Schaik
Does Body Language Prove Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, Was Lying? - Body Language of a Liar

Elizabeth Holmes was the young founder and CEO of Theranos, which was promoted by Elizabeth as a revolutionary blood testing company that only needed a tiny amount of blood pricked from your finger to do hundreds of blood tests.

The problem was that the technology didn’t work, but she told everyone that it did work, so thousands of people were using and trusting her blood testing service at their local pharmacies while unknowingly receiving inaccurate results. Her company was worth $9 billion; however, now she’s facing legal action and the company is being liquidated.

I made a previous video discussing her scam (see link below); it has become one of my most watch videos. One of the hotly debated questions was whether or not Elizabeth really lied to everyone or maybe she was just delusional.

What we’re going to do is look at a few of her past interviews to analyze her body language to determine if she lied about her technology.

Mentioned video: Elizabeth Holmes CEO of Theranos Scammed Investors of Billions with the help of Fake News

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Comments 1438 Comments

Elizabeth Hillman
Her voice, Bro.
this video is as much of a scam as theranos
manuel ortega
Hey...ass-holes, the sewers of D.C. are filled with lying POS politicians that suck hundreds of billions of dollars/year out of the taxpayer AND YUH DON'T DO SHIT ABOUT IT Wise up !!! This kid conned all of you and now you're pissed GET OVER IT AND GO ON. And as far as "endangering" lives...give me a phucking break! Wall-street uses the youth of America to do their dirty work in wars that do one thing and that is fatten these pigs wallets. The bastards lie to you on an hourly and daily basis and yuh just keep sucking it up. Gawd I love this country. Yuh can butt-phuck the American taxpayer and just walk away smiling.
Megan Conn
Hell yes she needs to go to prison! She should have a charge of reckless endangerment for EACH PERSON living in Arizona 1st of all, 2nd, OF COURSE for the billions she essentially stole from investors. If anyone died she would have been charged with manslaughter. She got very lucky.
Andrea Di Fabrizio
I think that the video was good.
But is not need to show your face every time you talk. 😴😴😴
It is very annoying, is like you WANT people to seeeeee your FACE🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️Hello I'm HERE!!!
Very annoying
Stewart Kee
What's more off putting than Elizabeth Holms voice is the poster of this videos voice, goofy smiling face and second hand car salesman vibe. If this guy is such an expert in charisma and body language then why does he give out so many false notes. His charisma is forced, the smile and attitude, artificial. Nothing about him strikes me as real or authentic. There is somthing cheap and off about him.
Stewart Kee
What a con this guy is. He is always getting it wrong. A tmz fan and tabloid body language expert. You only have to look at him to tell he is as fake as Elizabeth Holmes. Pathetic. Do people actully buy this guys so called expertise. Look at his past videos and you can tell how often he gets it wrong. Tabloid body language.
Koehli _
all she is thinking of is how she looks and how others see her. i don't think her mind goes beyond that thin layer.
Noah Palin
$9billion and won't buy a comb.
Bill Smit
You dont know shit.
LaLa Smith
She prob believes her lies
That Dialogue Coach
I like your work, and find this video highly useful. Her eye contact is reptillian. I interviewed last week with a woman who stared into my eyes without blinking, and it was so disturbing that I cut contact with her organization. The last person who made me feel that way, a fellow graduate assistant, so damaged my life and reputation that the gaze now sets off warning bells that make me run the other way.

My methods of deception spotting are largely intuitive, and I find myself questioning the same behaviors in a different way. How did the other person make me feel? I realize, however, that looking at video in a more logical way is definitely more acurate, and very useful. Not quite understanding why some peole responded the way they did, but I liked this!
I'm triggered, I'm freaking out!!! No, but that is pretty bad, oh lord.
7:25 And take a look at Jim Cramer. His bullshit detector has buried the needle.
Worth $9 billion and looks like she cut her hair herself, WTF?
She must pull a lot of people in with those big dead eyes. It has the opposite effect of me, creeps me out.
She's the George Costanza of Silicon Valley. "I lie every minute of the day. My entire life is a lie!"
ralph r
I spent many years learning to detect body language there are other indicators like rapid eye movement... Great analysis
Kit. J. Benn
What we say down our Street! She is one of the biggest female bullshitters you are ever likely to meet!!
Gregory Qwame
you are just as much of a con artist as her, if not more.
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Body Language Proof James Does Body Language Prove 3 months ago   13:38

Find out the body language secrets in James Charles apology video, along with the feud breakdown of what happened between James Charles and Tati.

James Charles is the famous 19 year old beauty and makeup YouTuber who had over 16.5 million subscribers, but lately his subscriber count has been breaking records in the undesirable kind of way. He’s been losing millions, Logan Paul with his past controversy has got nothing on the subscribers James Charles is losing. Why is this happening? James’s YouTube mentor and friend Tati, who also has a large beauty and makeup YouTube channel, posted a tell all video about why she decided to cut ties with James Charles after there was some back and forth a few weeks earlier on Instagram regarding brand deals and friend loyalty. James responds to Tati’s YouTube video with an apology video, but clearly it seemed to have made everything even worse for himself with even more backlash and even more unsubscribes. So we’re going to breakdown what happened and analyze body language to point out the key insights and reveal the truth.

Give this video a thumbs up if you’re Team Tati on all this.
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In the comments: Why would you unsubscribe from James Charles, given all that has gone on? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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