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Does Body Language Prove | Body Language Proof James - At Up-Tube.com

Does Body Language Prove Body Language Proof James 2 days ago   11:57

Derek Van Schaik
Does Body Language Prove Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, Was Lying? - Body Language of a Liar

Elizabeth Holmes was the young founder and CEO of Theranos, which was promoted by Elizabeth as a revolutionary blood testing company that only needed a tiny amount of blood pricked from your finger to do hundreds of blood tests.

The problem was that the technology didn’t work, but she told everyone that it did work, so thousands of people were using and trusting her blood testing service at their local pharmacies while unknowingly receiving inaccurate results. Her company was worth $9 billion; however, now she’s facing legal action and the company is being liquidated.

I made a previous video discussing her scam (see link below); it has become one of my most watch videos. One of the hotly debated questions was whether or not Elizabeth really lied to everyone or maybe she was just delusional.

What we’re going to do is look at a few of her past interviews to analyze her body language to determine if she lied about her technology.

Mentioned video: Elizabeth Holmes CEO of Theranos Scammed Investors of Billions with the help of Fake News

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William Weeks
Merle Doughty
I only saw this on Soho last night and felt she was being devious, and the eyes does she wear contacts or something? At the end of the day she was bullshitting in the name of the dollar imho. What her idea started out as a good idea became a money pit
stephen mcdonagh
Yes, she should be imprisoned if she's proven to have willingly lied. A drug dealer would most definitely go to prison if caught, so why shouldn't someone who was willing to put peoples' lives at risk just to aggrandise themselves? From money to ethics, the difference is down to class alone. Blue collared crime always pays the highest price when it comes to incarceration rates, yet the white collard equivalent is generally on a much larger scale. Instead of hundreds or thousands of dollars, it's millions or billions of dollars. At its highest level, white collared crime can end thousands of lives on a lie, yet its instigators will never face any form of justice.
HereIsWisdom 1318
"Whenever there's a, quote-unquote,glass ceiling, there's an iron woman right behind." Then the jackass sitting to her right, laughs in fake amazement.
Shelly Tuohy
Derek please do a video on amanda Knox 💯❤️
Freestyle Rolling Media
Uhgh, that girls' voice gives me nightmares!
Matt V
Kramer backed away from that crook instantly
Yola Oudhoff
This could easily be stage fright or camera nervousness
Generous G
THAT VOICE.. She sounds like a 13 year old boy going through puberty.
Mando Arevee
Whenever a person sits other than a straight position, it's a sign of lacking genuine interest in people in general and avoiding straightforward conversation. Subconsciously speaking.
It was so easy for me to say "yes" and shake my head no. I think it's because I am a people pleaser? And not that I am an amazing liar... right? haha
gosh what a Hag. I sometimes wonder that these investors sort of knew what is going on, and there is some other massive money loundry involved.
Mei Yen Wong
Best way to tell if someone is a manipulative con man or con woman:

1) promoting very complicated ideas that you can't quite understand... Just like the bitcoin scam.

2) not proven with facts and research.

Reading body language is sometimes too complicated.
Shahnewaz Md. Sunvee
then why u didnt reveal it when she had spoke on real time? there are a lot of politicians and business tycoons out there please find out who is lying. I am sure you are also lying of knowing who is lying. People can get nervous on stage even they are knowledgeable enough. its natural. and trying to find who is lying or not by taking advantage of the nervousness is not a good thing. If u really have the ability to identify who is lying then FBI will hire you with handsome amount of money. actually u are also a lier and u lie that u know who lies.
Greg Rickard
The claims of the shampoo brand she uses is a lie.
Katie Lynn
She tries so hard to come across as a humble butch chick with her hunched posture, fake baritone voice, and momentarily averted eyes and head shakes when she is complimented. She’s eating it up.
USA people so obsessed with "looking in the eye" thing . Holmes already handled that .
chalmers wood
Will the next Elizabeth Holmesian & Sacklerian case be about GREED, PSYCHOPATHIC CRIME, Robert Hall "Bobby" Weir, Phil Lesh, The Grateful Dead et al, Robert Forte, Steve Outtrim, AND SO ON? You can make up your own mind with this podcast: ' CRYPTOBEAST #19 ' or https://up-tube.com/upvideo/Me1vdPASs00&g=4034f Time line:
Key Points by hour, minute, and second
0-8:33 Introduction by Steve Outtrim & Robert Forte
9:23 1963, Chip, Cuban Missile Crisis, & Barlow
9:50 Crisis, Dad, Jack Kennedy
10:31 Barlow’s fathers hysteria
11:28 Cuba, nuclear war, diplomatic/history family
12:12 Diplomat Dad all over Europe
12:53 CIA Edward Lansdale, my “Uncle Ed”
14:07 CIA Director William Colby, “Uncle Bill”
14:57 Weir @ Fountain Valley School
15:50 Global Thermo-Nuclear War
16:08 Vasili Arkhipov
16:49 Almost a nuclear World War Three
17:46 Psyops to chill-out our Planet Earth
17:49 Gen. Curtis “Nukem Till They Glow” LeMay
18:40 Chip’s “American Band to beat the Soviets”
19:08 Super spy Kim Philby defects to Moscow
19:58 Film “Our Man in Havana”, 1959, with BEER!
20:33 Dad says “Ok” to band under Kennedy & CIA
21:03 See “Ben’s Bacon”
21:25 Creating band through “asshole Weir”
21:51 Will Chip channel God Almighty?
22:01 Headmaster Perry’s deal: Chip gets Weir as student
22:39 Chip channeling God Almighty to Weir
23:17 Weir buys God Almighty
23:49 Does Steve Outtrim love Bobby in a Gay Way?
24:25 Grateful Dead name
24:30 Training Weir for GD the mission
25:04 Weir has accepted his GD mission
26:01 Barlow as Weir’s foil & guard
26:45 Barlow agrees to Chip’s royalties deal
26:50 Weir agrees to use Barlow as bolt hole
27:40 Weir agrees: Chip gets $1,000,000.00
28:00 English will handle the drugs
28:33 History & English connection
28:55 The English to civilize the world
29:32 “Warlocks” (Just means ‘magician’ etc)
29:45 Two [happy/fear] word dichotomy
32:08 Why no paper contract re GDead deal
32:14 “No paperwork. Extremely secret”
33:05 Jesuits in Hiroshima escape death. How?
33:34 How GD will avert nuclear war: votes etc
34:25 Weir recruits band
35:34 Overthrowing old religions
37:27 Thank you Vasili Arkhipov !
38:10 Kennedy assassinated
39:40 Did Johnson kill Kennedy?
39:10 Joe Kennedy Senior Viet War deal
39:52 N. S. A. Memorandum 263: out of Vietnam
40:05 Vietnam will NOT be like World War Two
41:55 Chip played at FVS ’61-’62, gave it to Weir
42:21 Chip stops playing music, gives audience to Weir
44:35 Chip the Green Beret A Team Commander
45:10 Dad & Kennedy out of Vietnam
45:14 Kennedy killed, Johnson screws Chip’s family
45:51 The Johnson Massacre
46:25 Chip becomes a Green Beret
46:55 Vietnam’s Unification order
47:01 Colby’s Phoenix Program
48:40 Vietnam’s prognosis
49:40 “I will kill no Vietnamese, they are my friends”
51:54 Woodstock Festival, 1969
52:19 Shakespeare’s soothsayers
52:35 Ramsay tries to use Chip as his pawn
53:10 The two Woodstock spooks
53:45 If Chip announces for the White House…
54:11 The Spook’s Messiah
54:16 “Sacrificial Lamb”, maybe to be killed & eaten?
54:34 “Better if no big leader that gets killed”
54:50 Chip will not attend Woodstock Peace Festival
56:30 “If Muslims get nuclear weapons…”
59:00 “The Cold War was real”
59:20 Wisdom is not making the same mistake twice
59:31 Stanislav Petrov also saves the world
(I had been in East Germany in ’71 trying to set this up)
1:00:45 Intelligence problems of all leaders
1:04:00 Chip generally stays “out in the field”
1:05:50 Chip & Weir after 13 years
1:06:50 Meeting Weir with Rat Dog and gay Englishman
1:07:02 “Is Weir gay by God Almighty’s dictate?”
1:07:16 Chip’s Kudos to Weir
1:07:25 The Money!
1:07:48 Garcia has quit the band!
1:08:10 Chip goes to Calif to reunite Garcia
1:09:00 The Excellent Diplomat Samantha Reed Smith
(One of my ideas with Dad et al in December, ’63)
1:09:40 Berlin, “a paper work problem” Günter Schabowski’s trick?
1:10:39 Back in San Francisco
1:10:50 Weir absolutely refuses to help Jim Jones’ people
1:11:01 Garcia offers drug money: ‘Congressman Chip’
1:11:45 Chip refuses Weir’s heroin, Weir gets angry
1:11:25 Vietnamese Boat People dying by thousands
1:12:45 Robert Hunter great, Barlow not close.
1:12:25 Barlow’s book embarrassing. Almost bombs Harvard
1:12:30 Weir the Music Star, Barlow the guard & toady
1:14:05 Weir God “Playing in The Band, World at His Command”
1:15:40 Nikes are nuke-tipped. Garcia understood the problem!
1:17:12 CIA bureaucracy’s jerk-wad problems
1:18:30 INCREASE nuke fears, & love Utopia more
1:19:10 100K Hippies stop Nixon from nuking Vietnam
1:20:44 The Good & Peaceful life is “boring”
1:22:07 “Your junkies, and I’m straight”
1:22:40 Lesh tries to kill Chip on Barlow’s orders
1:23:30 Lesh to Chip “I’ll have you killed”
1:23:35 FVS Charles Ryder witnesses episode
1:24:05 Chip waits, later, ’86, the GD+ try to kill Chip using VOODOO ON San Fran’s Baker Beach
1:24:07 Which morphs into Chip becoming Burning Man
1:25:40 Has the Grateful Dead created rising American drug deaths?
Chalmers Benedict "Chip" Wood II, CEO of: The Grateful Education Foundation 509(a)(2), EIN 83-0895678, Special Forces Association, Donations can be sent directly to "GRATEFUL EDUCATION, 052202225 / 111-10913". Thank you, and Good Luck All! ;-)
(1) https://www.facebook.com/chalmers.wood/photos_all
(2) About Grateful Education in China: https://www.facebook.com/chalmers.wood/videos/vb.1207532131/10219927252710841/?type=2&video_source=user_video_tab
(3) “Ben’s Bacon”, two pages. How I got the Grateful dead job six years later. Enjoy: https://issuu.com/home/published/bensbacon9-12-19newnew.docx
Azazel Dreciare
Thanks to her, we now don't need to wonder what a femenist in a corporate setting looks like.
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Body Language Proof James Does Body Language Prove 2 days ago   02:33

Find out the body language secrets in James Charles apology video, along with the feud breakdown of what happened between James Charles and Tati.

James Charles is the famous 19 year old beauty and makeup YouTuber who had over 16.5 million subscribers, but lately his subscriber count has been breaking records in the undesirable kind of way. He’s been losing millions, Logan Paul with his past controversy has got nothing on the subscribers James Charles is losing. Why is this happening? James’s YouTube mentor and friend Tati, who also has a large beauty and makeup YouTube channel, posted a tell all video about why she decided to cut ties with James Charles after there was some back and forth a few weeks earlier on Instagram regarding brand deals and friend loyalty. James responds to Tati’s YouTube video with an apology video, but clearly it seemed to have made everything even worse for himself with even more backlash and even more unsubscribes. So we’re going to breakdown what happened and analyze body language to point out the key insights and reveal the truth.

Give this video a thumbs up if you’re Team Tati on all this.
Give this video a thumbs down if you’re Team James on all this.

In the comments: Why would you unsubscribe from James Charles, given all that has gone on? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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