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Tesla Gigafactory 3 In Shangahi China(May | Tesla's Future In China, Reporting - At Up-Tube.com

Tesla gigafactory 3 in shangahi china(MAY Tesla's Future In China, Reporting 2 days ago   06:27

Tesla Shanghai Super Factory was close to the top by the end of May according to the original plan (Phase I Project), followed by the installation and construction of the internal production line. On May 31, Beijing Time, Tesla China Modle3 accepted the reservation. However, in the current situation of Sino-US trade war, how many orders will the initial Modle3 be?
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Everyone needs to watch this. Tesla Bull and Bears..
Richard Crawford
Factory in China for their market, Factory in the USA for their market Now get one in EU for their market. I think it is cool that you can buy a car that supports your local economy
Size like usual warehouse in China.
миниатюрная для китая
The workers in China are doing a phenomenal job!!
Ar J
China made everything so fast.
Keep up the good work Sir! We need more updates!
taladuga picpwaspwat
Fake Cummunist propoganda... Death to the cummunists...
Sapphire Spire
The only thing faster than the construction of the Shanghai gigafactory was the clearing of the world trade center after 9/11.
JB Smoov
Only Tesla I could remember ppl watching a factory being built, people are excited
Thomas Foreman
Kevin Andrade
Am I the only getting excited about Tesla and the future of Tech. I’m 41 and my spidy senses tells me that Tesla will be the Amazon like company
Great video. What do you think the grey section is? It is a little taller than the white section but seems to have several (4?) floors while the white section seems to be one level. I’m betting the grey section is where the batteries will be produced, because they will need more height to move car bodies around.
Bernard Koppes
Actually, they seem to be falling behind. I don't think one single car will be built there this year. This building is so far from being finished.
Samuel Lukudu
Stepping stone to something greater
mr cat
and who wants to work in a factory, nobody!
Han Bulban
Thank you friend from China keep us the good work. We investors of Tesla depend on you for progress
Harley Bigdog
If these cars ever come to the us, tax the Hell out of them!,
Foot L Johnson
Awesome! but its made in China so it will fall apart 20 seconds after its built.
Polo C
Warp speed construction in China.
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Tesla's Future In China, Reporting Tesla gigafactory 3 in shangahi china(MAY 2 days ago   10:37

HyperChange reporting on the ground from the Tesla store in Shanghai, about the company's future in China. Tesla is just a few quarters away from begining production at Gigafactory 3, the first wholly owned foreign auto factory in the country. This footage was recorded on 2/24/2019, featuring analysis from HyperChange analyst Julian Novais.

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