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Nofx - Idiots Are Taking Over | Nofx - Drugs Are Good - At Up-Tube.com

NoFX - Idiots Are Taking Over NOFX - Drugs Are Good 2 days ago   03:23

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Peet Van Winkel
More true then ever!
Ryan Black
LoL literally some of the dumbest lyrics to a song I have ever heard. I’m from Ohio and to be fair we have way more FREEDOM, no one gives a shit if you are gay, no one cares about interracial couples, no one is impressed if you have a college degree. I’ve lived in San Francisco the flagship of liberal cities where 85% of the population has a bachelors degree or higher, 100 people live in every parking lot, people can’t afford to live in doors, people are literally slaves, immigrants are used as modern slaves, people lay around shooting heroin(at least our heroin addicts live indoors), People piss and shit in the streets. You preach tolerance but California just uses immigrants, prison labor, human trafficking victims and forced labor aka slave labor to prop up their lifestyle. In the 300 years the Atlantic slave trade operated 10 million people were trafficked in 2019 over 28 million people are trafficked in human trafficked alone not to mention other forms of modern slavery. It seems to me that punk rock, liberals, Democrats and socialist just don’t understand the issues they are against and though well meaning they facilitate the evils of the system they oppose by normalizing the tools used to enslave people. I’ve lived illegally in Canada and Australia with no rights, blue collar jobs and experienced life as a slave first hand. I’ve lived with refugees for a year from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt as well as people from all over the world. The truth is they were happy where they lived and hate the west they don’t want to integrate into western culture they despise any Americans especially liberals and soldiers but they liked me because I am neither. They liked the fact that I didn’t force my values on them, when you try to force your values on the refugee problems you are going to have serious problems and you will find out there are people much worse than farm boys from the Midwest l. Chances are these farm boys are going to going to have to clean up your mess because your just cowards living off multigenerational wealth accumulated by your boomer grand parents and you don’t have the mental capacity to defend your self even from minor threats. All your propaganda about nazis won’t help you. Your safe spaces won’t help you. Your pc culture is a joke that does nothing but make you a quivering ball of nerve endings. Punk rock used to be about chaos and was a respectable genre now it’s shitty bands like no fix apologizing because they hurt people’s feelings. Oh just for the record the Las Vegas shooting was setup by a Saudi Prince Alweed he was educated at Menlo College in Menlo Park California. He is a major investor in tourism and a backer of city bank aka Citigroup aka Citicenter in Las Vegas. Citicenter is trying to take over the Las Vegas strip by attacking MGM the major land owner of the Las Vegas Strip. All of the properties targeted by the shooter were MGM properties. After the shooting Prince Alweed was “arrested” and imprisoned in a hotel. When he was released he contacted Jamal Kashogy who was murdered in an embassy. He was a reporter for the Washington Post aka Amazon. Fake rape allegations against Steve Wynn came out at the same time he is another major land owner of the Las Vegas strip. The Oakland raiders recently moved to Las Vegas as have many people from California because of the cheap real estate prices these “liberals” just wanted the best land so they murdered and shot a large number of Americans specifically targeting “country people”. We can also look at great liberals like Jim Jones of the peoples temple and so many more which prove exactly why you shouldn’t drink the cool aid if you are truly about open mindedness, equality, freedom etc. tolerance is a 2 way street. You don’t have to be anything you don’t want to be in America and your not shocking and edgy so just get over it. You wish it was still shocking to be gay or brown or have blue hair but it’s not no one gives a fuck, I saw a 65 year old woman with purple hair 😂Your confuses by the fact that other people refuse to let you shove their culture down their throat and you get butt hurt that they won’t conform to your ideas which are now mainstream. You are just lemmings that with follow anyone who you believe to be a liberal right over the edge because you don’t have any core values and the wad of shit you call your beliefs doesn’t make sense because it was cooked up by hippies fried on electric cool aid in the 60s made with CIA acid threw the Mk ultra program. You don’t even remember that you are supposed to be rebelling against mainstream culture. You idiots work for Fortune 500 companies and drink starbucks(which uses prison labor and slave labor), so I don’t see where your sense of moral superiority comes from. Does your sense of moral support come from fighting kkk members(only 3000 nation wide) that’s nothing in a country of 350,000,000 people they are like Bigfoot. Does it come from fighting Neo nazis? Neo nazis were created by a former government agent 2 miles from the pentagon in Washington DC at the same time the US adopted the integration policy they were essentially a backfire set to break up the kkk and racism in the US their creation led to the downfall of racism in the US and the only reason Nazi imagery was used was to capitalize on how much people hated the nazis sense ww2 was still semi fresh. It’s the same reason that annoynomus is pushed by the media and adopted they guy fawks mask. Annoynomus was infiltrated at the highest levels by the nsa and fbi 6 months after its creation they use social media and “listening software” and biometric software to scan for the imagery to target people who may be subversive to the us government. I hope that explains why all your beliefs are just tremor bopper bullshit and how simply regurgitating propaganda is killing your cause and this genre of music. Good luck selling your craft beers for $18 at drunk in public or camp anarchy or whatever you call it. Hopefully the gates of Mattersville keep the migrant hoards from stealing your bags of cash 🤣
Sammie Perkins
This song is dedicated to Trump
Canine Gaming
Boris Johnston being our prime minister brought me here
Travis Jones
One of NOFX truly great songs
Franklin Adams
For my friends in the UK today, you're in the same boat we are now, hope you enjoy the ride.
Aw shit, here we go again 🤦‍♂️
kyle coleman
A song that hasn't been more relevant than now
Michael The Greek Boy
Don J Trump , the J stands for Genius
PlayerRojo - Let's Play
“There’s no point for democracy when ignorance is celebrated”

Couldn’t be more true than now
2019 041 BRAZILLL
Robert Beasley
Where the fuck are these dudes now? Goddammit, shits got way worse with Drumpf and his fucking idiots running rampant over our democracy. Come punk bands, show the fuck up! This is what Strummer and tim timebomb prepared us for. REVOLT!
Alex Warner
“What are we left with?
A nation of god-fearing pregnant nationalists
Who feel it's their duty to populate the homeland”

Holy hell...
Nicolas Becerra
"now angry mob mentality is no longer the exception of the rule"
This song is more relevant now that when it was released
Still relevant. Unfortunately.
Jonny kroneks
Political scientists .....inbred what’s the lyrics
Michael Rains
It's funny. Because now the Democrats are the idiot's. Funny how ironic this song is now.
Yeethus Thy Fetus
This should be orange man's theme cuz orange man bad lol!
Eddie Lacayo
God bless Punk rock!!!! NOFX and a warm beer that's all i need! 💀💀💀💀💀
Jesus Hong
The Social Justice Warrior's Theme XD
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NOFX - Drugs Are Good NoFX - Idiots Are Taking Over 2 days ago   02:21

Artist: NOFX
Song: Drugs Are Good
Album: 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records
Copyright: 2002 Fat Wreck Chords