First "Simple" Mods for my 2020 FULL TOUR OF MY CAR COLLECTION! 5 months ago   13:47

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Ooyy - Retriever from Epidemic Sound

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Omar Delawar
If all y’all didn’t have such short attention spans, this man here wouldn’t have to do so much coke before each video to entertain y’all.
Dark knight Plays
I like the senna
Olawatide Isikalu
I thought when you just got tint you had to wait a day before you roll down the Windows
Z4VIAT10N 26
RIP the bird it tried to take a closer look at the supra and you know
No Kidding you were about 10 miles from me at the start of the video
Jerry Lopez
At first I thought it was whiteboy7thst maybe twin
Robin Mwangi
U are the man u are the first. To have a supra 2020!
Shreyak banerjee
James i am your big fan
I am a 9 year old boy
cathy naval
frostwolf_ jdm
I live here bruh it was on car spotters on Facebook and i was mad
Louis Greenberg
your going to wrap right
Aaron Greenlees
Please stop with the whoosing
Walter FJK
Man love the energy and content! You are an amazing person James!
Buds4Life LF
Buds4Life LF
What was your first car? Lol
Cole Fawcett
How much time would having window tint shave off the qtr mile time being a mod and all ??
Ritvik A
When u live in omaha and missed out on stradman visiting your city
Scott Meridew
Welcome to the beautiful state of Utah ... where there is only one road in and out ... lol.
speaking of Carbon, i found a Bugati Chiron 1/40 delivered to the US and to the world Full exposed Carbon Chiron
trunks ko
pesssewwww ... lady and gentleman
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FULL TOUR OF MY CAR COLLECTION! First "Simple" Mods for my 2020 5 months ago   15:27

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