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Gothenburg, Germany • The Walled Medieval | Yosemite • The Best Sunset In The Park - At Up-Tube.com

Gothenburg, Germany • The Walled MEDIEVAL Yosemite • THE BEST SUNSET in the park 6 months ago   02:59

Zane's World
Today Mel and I went to Rothenburg, where they have the most well-preserved medieval old town in all of Germany. We walked a wall across the entire town and explored other great views of Rothenburg!

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BackWoods Outlaw
So my fascination with medieval history is through the roof it’s my favorite part of history to learn about, and my question to you is, is that city in Germany that your in in this video,: like does it look exactly like it did in the medieval times like are those all the same medieval Buildings just repainted with new coats of paint?
Love your Germany videos! If you could only visit one, would you recommend Rothenburg or Heidelburg for a one day visit? (our plan likely already includes Munich, Nuremburg(mostly bc I now want to repeat your pub crawl!), and Frankfort) Thanks!
Will I am Beau
so your saying, the wall make this a good zombie safety zone?
Will I am Beau
so your saying, the wall make this a good zombie safety zone?
Sherri Leduc
We love you! My hubby and I have watched you for years. Always informative and witty!! Hi to Mel!
Kevin Lynch
Great show! Have you ever thought about starting your own travel company? I would to follow you as a tour guide!
I'm pretty sure I saw you coming back from In n Out today while driving by my house on Irena....come by for a beer.
Anthony Viducic
They Vlogs keep getting better and better. Please keep them coming. Have you thought about using a mini drone to film aerial shots? Thanks man!
Evan McPherson
I'm definitely putting this on my list! Love the vids, Zane!
Josh Gister
Still loving Zane's World -- thanks for sharing your travels with us =D
Lavender Rabbit
Did you take the "Night Watchman's" tour of the city? The Christmas Shop is easily an hour. The Hole in the wall bar!
Kevin Keleher
Zane, excellent job as always.
C Dizzle
Zane, I look forward to these videos. They are great! Thank you for sharing.
Beautiful looking city!
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Yosemite • THE BEST SUNSET in the park Gothenburg, Germany • The Walled MEDIEVAL 6 months ago   03:08

The best sunset view in Yosemite (accessible by car) is Glacier Point. The drive from the valley takes an hour. On the way back down to the valley, unless it’s during the winter) stop at Tunnel View, the most photographed view in the world. Even though it will be dark out, the view is still amazing if there climbers camping on El Capitan. The pattern formed by tent lights from climbers settling down for the night is called the "El Cap Constellation".