Funny Insurgent Interviews of Theo Theo James Strips & Shailene 2 days ago   04:06

Rute Santos
Because Insurgent it's gonna be out on March 20th I decided to post a small video of Theo James being Theo James. Hope you like it!

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Olive Epee
Orange Gucci dress

And I’ve seen shai’s ‘home video’
Golden Jinnie
"Yeah that's what my nickname was on set... farmer Theo" I can't 😂😂😂
Keke _xo
Omg the beginning!!!😅😄😄 Dead I was like is that him?
"I get more, free jeans." Oh, Theo. Oh Theo........
Aria Nardone
0:01 already dead.
Allison Paradis
Rebecca Drolet
she totally banged him im jealous!! lol
Yoselyn Villalta
The part with home video, like if Theo watched shais uk tape.!!
When he said "my brother slept with her" the way he said it looks like "my brother slept with him"
Mackenzie Putnam
I absolutely love this !!!!!!!!! :)
Bonnie Newhall
insurg this lol
I'm in the video at 10 seconds!
Yasmyne Fay
He's just so bored being asked the same questions he just ends up being Bad Joker Theodore.
Tamim TV
Really thought your channel is awesome man! Keep up the good work :) If you could can you please check out my comedy channel? Thanks from Australia!
Um you find out Four's real name in Divergent....
miss wig
Also 1:36 or 1:37ish that was funny lol
miss wig
The beginning.... Dancing.... #Werk
Sybell Cavales
I was so sad that tris cut her hair:((
Yronise Georges
Shailene woodley is my cousin I'M from but I'M not famous
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Theo James Strips & Shailene Funny Insurgent Interviews of Theo 2 days ago   03:19

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