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Kevin Costner & Woody Harrelson | 25 Vintage Photos Of Bonnie & Clyde - At Up-Tube.com

Kevin Costner & Woody Harrelson 25 Vintage Photos of Bonnie & Clyde 1 day ago   14:03

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Woody Harrelson, Kevin Costner, Kathy Bates, and director John Lee Hancock describe how it felt to recreate the famous Bonnie & Clyde shootout in the location it actually happened, the historical significance of the hostility between Governor Ma Ferguson and the Texas Rangers, and how 'The Highwaymen' will have you Google searching the events of this movie as soon as you can get your hands on a computer!

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John Quinn
Kevin and Woody look baked :)
This movie looks good I may have to watch it soon
Romeo langford kobe 2.0 taco fall
Great movie nice Ford cars movie is up there with the first movie Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde are portrayed in popular culture as one dimensional, cold blooded killers who went on a crime spree to escape the depression.  I have recently discovered that there is more to the story than this. Clyde did get imprisoned for robbery when he was 19. In prison he was treated brutally and raped by a fellow prisoner. He killed this prisoner and another prisoner who was serving life took the blame. On his release he managed to find work but each time there was a robbery the police would turn up where he worked and he lost his job. This was of course the depression era and jobs were hard to come by. So in the end he gave up. This is no doubt what set him on the path to becoming a robber and outlaw. Clyde was driven by a desire for revenge on the prison and it's brutal prison guards who beat men with baseball bats, sometimes to death. His last act was to return to the prison and release 5 inmates (which he had promised to do). One of the inmates was Henry Methvin.  Methvin's father did a deal with the police to set up Bonnie and Clyde in exchange for a pardon for his son. Clyde only killed if it was a case of him or them. There is no evidence that Bonnie shot anyone. She had her leg badly burned when their car overturned and was a cripple after that. Bonnie and Clyde robbed only 2 banks. They normally robbed large gas stations as Clyde reasoned that they could afford it. In fact Bonnie and Clyde were just 2 small time robbers who did not attract a lot of attention. It was only when the police found their underdeveloped photos and had them developed and the newspapers then published them that they became folk heroes. They became scapegoats and were blamed for many things which they were not responsible for. Bonnie said that often bank managers would rob their own banks and blame it on Bonnie and Clyde. It is appalling that the policemen who were sent to hunt them down helped themselves to their personal effects. Some of these were recently auctioned by the family of one of the policemen, which included Bonnie's ring and a letter written by Bonnie and signed by Clyde. These personal effects should have been returned to the family. It is ironic that the auction raised $100,000 and no doubt the films, documentaries and books about them will have earned a lot of money. Far more than Bonnie and Clyde ever made by robbing gas stations. This happened during the depression era and Bonnie and Clyde captured the imagination because they were a young couple in love who flouted the law.. Propaganda was used in order to turn the public against them i.e. they were accredited with things they did not do and Clyde was accused of being a rapist and a homosexual. A witness claimed that he saw them kill 2 policemen and Bonnie said she saw their heads bounce like rubber balls. Bonnie's sister Billie Jean said that it was impossible for this man to have witnessed this from his house.  However, another witness said he saw a man do this. The killer was Henry Methvin,  who misinterpreted Clyde when he said 'let's take them'.  Clyde intended to kidnap them but Methvin interpreted this as killing them.  The police had done a deal with Methvin's father who agreed to set up Bonnie and Clyde in return for a pardon for his son, so they covered this up.  They were no doubt responsible for the witness who claimed that the killings were the work of Bonnie and Clyde.  I watched a fascinating interview with Billie Jean, the sister of Bonnie. By all accounts Bonnie and Cyde were kind people.  According to the book 'Go Down Together' by Jeff Guinn, when Bonnie was working as a waitress, she often gave free food to those who could not afford to pay.  She was pulled up for this many times but continued to do this.  This indicates that she was a kind person, not the nasty, cold-blooded killer she is portrayed.  The manner of their death was horrifically brutal.  Because Clyde had killed police, it seemed that the police were not content with killing them, they wanted to destroy their bodies as well. Bonnies left breast was ripped off. The embalmers had a lot of work to do to repair the bodies as they were displayed to the public before burial. I would say that poverty and the brutal prison system were ultimately responsible for what happened to Bonnie and Clyde. They are condemned as ruthless killers - however, Clyde only killed when it was either them or him. There is no condemnation of the brutal prison wardens who beat men to death - they just got away with it. Nor the policemen who prevented Clyde from keeping a job or robbed from the pair. Indeed Boots Hinton was the son of one of the posse who killed Bonnie and Clyde - yet runs a museum about them. I do feel that condemning Bonnie and Clyde without looking at the full facts is hypocrisy.
Why are people so surprised that Texas had the first regularly elected female governor?
Oh yeah, because they're fed prejudiced trash their whole lives about how backwards the South is.
Meanwhile "progressive" states including California, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Maryland have NEVER elected a female governor.
Wonderful movie
Austin spendlove
you guys are the man just no i am against gangsters love u guys i know 2nd amendment you guys are the man just know that keep your work up!!!!!!
Lawrence Tate
I keep saying this time and time again. In order for there to be a freakin' "shootout", TWO sides must be shooting!

AND, there's this:

"The movie is great.  My mother's family was in West Dallas through the Depression.  I'm a big history fan of the Bonnie and Clyde story.  The depiction of Bonnie pissed me off though. I know better.

Bonnie Parker never shot anyone.  Everything I have seen about this case that is not fictionalized entertainment tells me that.  Nothing contradicts that (except false testimony).  Research it yourself.

Bonnie did not execute those State Troopers in Southlake.  Methvin and/or Clyde did.  That scene in this movie is OBscene.  It is sickening to see Bonnie Parker portrayed like that.  She always tried to talk the gang into non-violent solutions.

She knew Clyde was going to be gunned down.  And she wanted to go with him.  But, she never shot anyone."

Zé Basset Basset
Great film great actors!
This was a great movie, loved it.
Martin Brankov
I watched it couple of days ago and loved it! Fantastic job!
grim reefer0420
Every time i see costner I just see robin hood
Paul McWilliams
I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! Kathy Bates played a great governor. Great movie that I've seen 6 times already!
Rosie Cotts
Now I want to see it.
Tim Jespersen
Excellent movie BUT I hat when things are not 💯 accurate when they could be. Clyde wore socks when he drove because if missing toes and Bonnie hopped when she walked because of injured leg. The Rangers never saw Bonnie and Clyde untill the day they killed them and Hamer did not stand in front of the car, he hid and ambushed like the other 5. That being said, GREAT MOVIE.
Daniel Barton
Watched it yesterday, damn good movie
Clay M
Kathy Bates, "we're not technically in a depression now"....yeah, no crap, we're out of the obama years...
Jeff's English Coaching
What a great movie. It's definitely worth seeing!!
micky mcfarts
The woman who “rose to power” as mayor was vilified as corrupt as they come, her husband being barred from ever practicing in politics again. So great they had a woman, never mind she was a crook.
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25 Vintage Photos of Bonnie & Clyde Kevin Costner & Woody Harrelson 1 day ago   04:26

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