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The Neuroscience Of Addiction - With Marc | Conversation About Addiction With - At Up-Tube.com

The Neuroscience of Addiction - with Marc Conversation About Addiction with 1 year ago   1:00:48

The Royal Institution
Neuroscientist and former addict Marc Lewis makes the case that addiction isn't a disease at all, although it has been recently branded as such.
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In recent decades doctors have branded addiction a brain disease, and treated it as such. But in this riveting and provocative talk, neuroscientist and former addict Marc Lewis makes the convincing case that addiction isn’t a disease at all. Using personal stories and robust science, he explains how addiction really impacts our brains, and how neuroplasticity and a developmental approach to treatment can help to overcome it.

Marc Lewis is a neuroscientist and professor of developmental psychology, recently at the University of Toronto, where he taught and conducted research from 1989 to 2010, and presently at Radboud University in the Netherlands. He is the author or co-author of over 50 journal publications in psychology and neuroscience, editor of an academic book on developmental psychology, and co-author of a book for parents. More recently he has written two books concerning addiction.

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Comments 201 Comments

Shamus McShane
This THEORY is killing millions of people .. YOU HAVE NO IDEA what drives the mechanism of the Disease .. shame on you
Adela Redding
el cerebro se habitua a los cambios (17)
Never trust the "science" of someone who "cured" themself.
Jeff Norman
Hi, my name is...and I'm a drug addict..I have been CLEAN for 40 yrs...Cmon, Do you Still think this person is Addicted or an Addict? LOL Whatever...
Jeff Norman
Addiction is NOT A BRAIN DISEASE. watch Dr. Carl Hart!!
kenneth hilliard
This gentle man obviously was never an addict as a recovered addict i will say he knows the general scientific idea of how the brain works but.....absolutly no idea what addiction is and the experiences of an addict..... know what your speaking about before you speak. He is acting in the manner of a child!
Roger Klosterman
Interesting that as infants we have all these connections . We lose these connections and often addiction follows in adult hood . I thought of the passage " become as young children " . I seen the birth of the " ego " as the brain went from a more full spectrum of color to a more solidified one color . We become In divide u al s , as a result isolated , lonely and desperate for a unity lost in the pruning process . The more connections the greater the oneness , harmony and wholeness . Usually only adults experience dis - chord . Just my 2 cents.
efedema izegbune
This gave me so much understanding of addiction. Excellent.
Micke Nieminen
Abrahamic religion is a addiction of the worst kind. So is watching too much tv. Playing pokemon . ..
Micke Nieminen
Addiction is a weakness in the human mind.. my addiction is information
Micke Nieminen
Addiction is a weakness in the human mind.
Christina Shahoyan
Amazing talk! Science rocks))
Doris Brochu-taber
It was not just doctors who decided it was a disease had much input from insurance. Treatment now paid for!!
AnasAzad Anas
sometimes other than talk to my Allah during prayer..what can i do is talking to my phone and write a comment..
AnasAzad Anas
sad and sad and i sad, my local medical team, which funded by govertment, never ever learn about all those things, they suppose to educate the enforcement Drug team about this..i been arrested and lockup for no reason..take cracked for cure my anxiety in hidden secret way..but still people surrounding want to change u by bully u in jail..
Photon Snow
Scientific yet humanistic - anything can be addicting, some much more debilitating and harmful, yes. Regardless of inaccuracies and his interpretations of data, we all deserve to be treated humanely without bias.
C_ Farther
Speaker is odd.
31 years ago, I was addicted to cocain...I quit cold turkey, to this day have never relapsed...I do not go to meetings, or counseling, ...I never ever crave for it. Have no desire what so ever!
Leeann Swain
Wow this explains alot. I wish I could get people to understand this stuff.
Shana Westhoff
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Conversation About Addiction with The Neuroscience of Addiction - with Marc 1 year ago   55:54

Dr. Mate is a best-selling author/speaker on the subject of addiction, stress, childhood development and other topics. Arold Langeveld is a nonduality teacher and addiction counselor in the Netherlands. He worked in several addiction clinics using nonduality principles in his therapy. In this panel, the two will address how addiction is not about the substance or activity, but about the pain of the individual addicted. Dr. Mate will provide his expertise and vast working knowledge of the brain and child development and other issues related to addiction. Arold Langeveld plays a key role in the nonduality movie 'All about Nothing'.

Gabor Maté M.D. is a physician and best-selling author whose books
have been published in twenty languages internationally. His interests
include child development, the mind-body unity in health and illness, and the treatment of addictions. Gabor has worked in palliative care
and as a family physician, and for fourteen years practiced addiction
medicine in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. As a speaker he regularly addresses professional and lay audiences throughout North
America. His most recent book, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction, won the Hubert Evans Prize for literary non ction. He is Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Criminology, Simon Fraser University.

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