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Top 10 Things To Do In Jamaica | The Maroons | Jamaica's Forgotten Nation - At Up-Tube.com

Top 10 Things to do in Jamaica The Maroons | Jamaica's Forgotten Nation 9 months ago   06:06

Bucket List Freak - Travel
Here are the top 10 Things to do in Jamaica. Hope you Enjoy! Tell me witch one you liked the most in the comments down below.

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Comments 232 Comments

im goimg tmo
Stromanwife 1
I couldn't stop laughing how he talks and pronounce the names of places but big up to him anyway!
Shamoya Williams
when your saying ocho the ch is saying the words like chores so its pronounce ocho
Shamoya Williams
i did almost all of those
Jhenelle Reid
Raatid he said "oco rios" 😂😂😂
Rex Bickle
Is this some sort of troll video?
Prince T
My dads from Jamaica but he doesn’t have an accent so when he went with my sisters when they were young to there he went to buy some fish on the beach some lady tried scamming him the sign said 5 dollars for fish the lady tried to make my dad pay 10 so my dad then goes off at her in Padwan I think that shows it’s spelled out the lady goes no young man come back she thought he was some American tourist.
Be careful of some of the beautiful big batty Jamaican girls dem, some a dem a scamma..
Jaden Willan
Joan Harris
Joan Harris
Hi I'm from Barbados and I did Dunns River Falls last year while on a cruise.It was the bomb.Ill recommend it to all adventurous persons. Hope I'll be able to see some more of your beautiful in the future ...bye
Julio de Sa
great video. I have traveled to many countries in the Caribbean. Jamaica was one of my favorite places, it is incredibly beautiful. I recommend you DO go to Chukkahs. Check out on my channel! Not annoying typical videos, just music and sights :)
Max Flores
Top 10 things to do anywhere (Jamaica, USA, Saudi Arabia, Mars, you name it): watch "Vacation Medication". It's the latest video on my channel, can't miss it. I recorded my adventures while vacationing in Jamaica and then used them to create a music video for a song I wrote about, well... getting drunk on an island somewhere with your toes in the sand and a book in your hand. Go watch it, go thumb it up, go comment how much you're in love with me. Thanks :)
Seth Vanderver
Smoke a blunt with a Jamaican
Lashaun Lewis
I'm do everything thing in Jamaica
Don't care like run 🏃 before me get lick not so hot
My Life
it gets me so triggerd how they pronounce Montego bay
Number 11: Collect garbage on the side of the road and put in a dumpster.. oh wait.... Mission impossible.. the whole island is a dump
Jody & Friends: Our Public Diary
These are exceptional suggestions 🤗 you are on point about the food, it is sensational. Let me add two more places to your list... #Ysfalls and #turtleriverfallsandgarden
Daisy Williams
What about horse back riding, zip line
Marko Markovic
Smoke weed
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The Maroons | Jamaica's Forgotten Nation Top 10 Things to do in Jamaica 9 months ago   11:30

We dive deeper into Jamaica's Blue Mountains and get welcomed into the Scotts Hall Maroon Community. Join us for an UNBELIEVABLE day in the Blue Mountains as we explore Maroon culture!
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