Marcel Hirscher vs Ted Ligety GS Beaver DEMO Team Slovenia- Technical 2 days ago   16:30

Reilly McGlashan

This style of technical analysis is based around my own personal opinion. There are so many other aspects to this sport that would take hours of video to put into an analysis like this. I try to keep them as short as possible, with some basic ideas to help all levels of skiers. My comments are based on what I personally found interesting in the race and on what I think good skiing is or isn’t. There are many great things we can learn from the world’s best racers and apply them to our freeskiing. This series of analyzing WC skiers hopefully will help you understand the most important parts of technical skiing and how we can incorporate these techniques into our own personal skiing. Enjoy!

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steven cooney
Additionally, a wider stance in tech events is frequently slower. Center of mass takes longer to move inside the ski.
steven cooney
Hi Reilly, I have not read through all posts however Ted's inside foot management in the video is not on par with Marcel's inside foot management. It's miles away and from my eyes it is the single most significant factor. Ted cannot release his ski with the mastery that Marcel is demonstrating and must switch and counterbalance across the hill much later. Marcel is generating angles staying centered on the ski and Ted is using a large lead change with inclination losing edge grip and losing his compact stance. The ability to release the ski suffers enormously. Ted has more to "Undo and switch" on each transition to the uphill ski than Marcel who stays flexed and centered.

What are your thoughts?
No Censorship
In my day ...Ted leans in. He IS the greatest leaner in!
David Kirkpatrick
The side by sides are interesting and help to highlight the points being mentioned by comparison. You point out individual things in technique that are very helpful to understand. All in all the side by sides are great (this one and all your others).
Very nice analysis. Maybe Hirscher deforms the skiis a little more than Ted?
thomas tirol/florida
you cant compare Hirscher with Ligety.
as great as Ted is, Hirscher is in a different league.
Over 60 world cup races won...on the way to beat Ingemar stenmark.
6 overall world cup wins....IN A ROW.
So, why compare anyone or anything?
fed bet
Go Ted go
Michael Kada
Great analysis!
Guy in Colorado, Greetings!
In this video, Hirscher is always slightly ahead, so the comparisons are not exactly accurate so you are not comparing them at the exact same point. Otherwise, nice job.
Excellent analysis. I picked Pinturault
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Wow. Thanks. Learned tons.
Hi, sorry for my Eng. Good analysis. Hirscher is the best skier of all time. On the other hand, what you noticed is exactly the Teds technique, on which he worked for years. This can be considered in the link . One should not forget that with this technique he was very good, remember the olympics, in the top form, with that technique was 2 seconds ahead of everyone. Ted's time has passed, so it's not right to compare the techniques. I love Hirscera more than Ted, but it's possible that Ted's technique was better than Hirscher's. Anyway, it's pretty.
Amadeus Guy
Can we see an analysis of Ted vs. Marcel when he was skiing GS consistently better than Marcel ? Does the fact that he is still recovering from injury account for the difference ?
the way you guys still pronounce "hürscher" tho... it's actually the same like the i in ligety. ^^

great analysis anyway, thumbs up.
super analysis...
Mateja Ristic
Awesome analysis man!
mike logsdon
Good stuff I like the flat skis and no friction on that particular turn... Marcel was Huge! He also used a better technique then he usually does less of his classic stivot move
Bill Armatage
Fascinating! Thanks!
Shane Webster
Reilly, awesome breakdown -- thanks mate. Thoughts on Tommy Ford's style? His turns are siiiiiiicccck! Same with Trevor Philp. Hirscher and the Italians create almost all their edge angle with ankles / knees and of a ton of lateral separation but they never lay out over the ski = not cool / not good style.
Thanks for this great montage.
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DEMO Team Slovenia- Technical Marcel Hirscher vs Ted Ligety GS Beaver 2 days ago   07:17

DEMO Team Slovenia presents a video composed of working footage from giant slalom technique training, which took place on an Austrian glacier in the summer. The training was made by demostrator Tomaž Šegula for Europa cup racer Andreja Slokar. The goal is an excellent giant slalom technique. The video starts with important metodical steps and continues with drills and excercises. #sloski #demoteamslovenia #interski2019 #roadtopamporovo
Stay tuned! More videos coming soon!

Demostrator: Tomaž Šegula
Racer: Andreja Slokar
Camera: Uroš Šinkovec Šinki
Edit: Julijan Peric
Music equipped by Bor Zuljan -
A professional organization that provides a ski instructor courses.
SIAS also called ZUTS is the main organization. The team that works on the slopes is called DEMO Team Slovenia.