Eagles vs. Bears Mic'd Up for a Devastating Peyton Manning's Goodbye | NFL Films 2 weeks ago   05:17

NFL Films
The Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears mic'd up during the NFC Wild Card.

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Rams must be very thankful about the loss.
Run the damn ball
Kry LonWon
The editing in this was kind of shitty because we lacked a frame of reference or time for important moments. The ending kick was especially botched. The timeout had barely been called when the 2nd kick was taken. and the only angle shown was one where one might think it had gone in.
TheTruth IsViral
Does anyone here have spiritual discernment???

Does anyone know what a satanic hand sign is??? Saw Nagy throw it up after Robinson's TD.
Anything for fame and fortune I guess.
Herman Pesina
News alert! They say nothing about the missed kick
Payton Barnes
4:10 O'Donnell and Parkey messed up hand it was a bad omen
Divine Wolf
They made this seem so epic for the bears😭I almost forgot that we lost it they made it seem so amazing but then I had to be reminded of that ending. But we’ll come back stronger than ever next year
Dudes missed kicks all year. That's why the fan base is pissed.
Kurtis Cash
Hope that defense can score points for them bc Trubisky is junk. Bears will be junk next season. You heard it here first.
Brick Animations
I hate how golden Tate plays for eagles now

R.I.P. Lions
Rocko The Great
Malcom Jenkins to Cody parkey: “I love you bro keep it up”😂😂😂😂😂
Glad Shaheen thought he had to hurdle every defender like he’s Zeke! Thanks for the first downs!
P Bau
Kickers. Why are they still in the modern game of American football? #nomoregoalposts
Ali Sottile
“Cody’s gonna miss that next one...Cody!”
Marlon Lopez
Not as brutal as how Marcus Williams lost it for the Saints last year
john doe
Who won, Eagles or Saints ?  asking for a friend.
Matthew Collins
One of the better games of this season
Jimmy Catalina
Friggin place kicker missed 11 kicks this season. Bears need to replace him.
3:37 “jazz music intensifies”
Terry Creagan
Steve Bartman: The ENTIRE city hates me!!!!

Cody Parkey: Hold my beer.... I got your back!!
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Peyton Manning's Goodbye | NFL Films Eagles vs. Bears Mic'd Up for a Devastating 2 weeks ago   07:11

Legendary Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, issues his goodbye to the NFL.

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