James Charles TAKES BACK James Charles got Kicked out of MET Gala? 2 months ago   10:10

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Gacha firefly
Brooke Simm
he acts like youtube is a “burden” and he hates doing it. it’s a big slap in this face to his fans
Brenda B
10:05 amen! Amen Lord 🙏🏻 Lord Almighty Amen!
How did I know drama channels were gonna be biased? They’ve been biased towards tati since the beginning.
Insomniatic Prattle
Oh sheesh... okay, we all need to remember that these guys are so freaking young, so when Gabriel inserts himself into the situation, publicly, we shouldn’t really be too shocked. With age, you kind of learn to mind your own business, and when there is something that makes you way too emotional to make smart choices, you learn to privately vent to your bff, and then sleep it all off, and look at the situation with calmer eyes in the morning!!
9 times out of 10, you will think twice about posting anything publicly, and stay out of trouble!!
That’s my two cents at least!

As for James... if people are still doing it, the bullying needs to stop! Words hurt and can cause people to go into a depressive state where they may harm themselves. He should probably go see a shrink, and get his life back on track, and just learn from this whole fiasco!
Anonymous. -/-
Ur voice is so annoying
Joe Beta
That gabriel is just like many he is trash a drama queen i know because you can tel he started this drama
leticia Delgadillo
No SISTER Tati your a damn LIAR!!!
Keep it 💯!!! Bye SISTERS!
Jennifer KellyWatt
I just have to wonder if Tati, James, and Jeffrey didn't get together before all this and say to each other "Ya know what would make a shitload of money?"
Cortney Weyant
"My opinion" ... Is that it's F'in ridiculous that so many people r up in their business. I don't know the whole story. This just popped up on my notifications n I've never even heard of ANY of these people but still... Not only is the subject matter totally petty n ridiculous but so is the fact that SOOO many other people r getting involved in these TWO people's drama. OMG... N as a side note... Gabriel just got a new sub! Totes agree! "... N then somebody cried"
I Luv Hou
If I was asked to "take sides" I don't know why instinctually I gotta go with Jeffree Star. Gabriel doesn't bother me. I'm neutral to Gabriel. IMO Tati is disingenuous. I don't trust her. James is a curiosity to me. I just don't get the fascination with him. But I have to say I at 19-20 I was not mature at all, especially socially. I didn't know how to adult. I didn't have enough experience in ANYTHING. I am not surprised at how he delivered his message in the clip you showed, because he is barely 20. Also, I'm not surprised at how he looks because he's 20 and wearing drag styled makeup, it covers everything and changes how someone looks. When I was his age I also woke up young and fresh looking after a late night crying or not because I was YOUNG & everything was clean and tight. But I barely wore makeup so he has that skill to change how he looks. And I think it's been proven that he edits/filters his social media.
People gotta move on
Erioch Stomp
Pfffft petty ass vid tbh seems like you're getting too much into the drama and are actually creating it at this point.
Lisa Reid
Gabriel is right Tati is full of shit she's making James look bad and James is a 19 year old kid she's a 30/40 year old woman and it's so dume that she's acting like this she should have handled this off here and handled this in person...
Ilove Corpseparty
Miss Tati deleted her video

I stand by my words my ass!!
jolie eee
How do u know if tati really did help james lmao, personally it's his say so not someone else
Braelynn Carter
Seems there was some truth behind what Gabriel was preaching.
Kassidee Adams
Random Weirdo
2:49 all I here is : like like like like like like like
Random Weirdo
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James- subscribers 📉

Episode 2 - the comeback:
Tati- subscribers 📉
James- subscribers 📈
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