why photographing instagram influencers won't The Problem with Instagram Influencers 5 months ago   10:50

Jessica Kobeissi
I really want to make it clear that I did not make this video to bash those who photograph social media stars, but rather for the beginners or those currently in photography who think that is the OLNLY way to make a name for themselves online. At the end of the day, it's your photography. Photograph what you like.

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Jessica Kobeissi
All I'm saying is: work with people who you really want to work, not because their follower count is high. If your passion is to work with certain influencers, then that's a totally different story. Just don't feel like you need to work with certain people to 'make it' because there are always other ways. Good luck out there ^_^
I watch your content pretty religiously and I actually found you from searching Brandon Woelfel. But everything you said is true in 99.999% of cases.
Bethany Villero
So much great advice here Jessica - kinda felt convicted there! Love love this line: "You want people to like your work, not who you work WITH."
Anna Marie
Love your videos. You crack me up.
Dustin Pickart
LOVEEE, great video
Grace Lee
I sent over a contract to an influencer and she was like this voids my contract with the companies I’m shooting for because they need full rights. Even if this was true, it’s just not a fair trade. The influencers make money and it’s unfair that a company can technically use my material for free material and I can’t even get full exposure. And then she said that she was gonna have her ex bf just shoot the photos. Ugh so entitled. Scared to collab with an influencer again. It’s not worth it. It was the biggest headache. She wanted to shoot the photos with her camera, keep all the raws and then edit them herself. Like you can’t just walk all over me.
Casey Neistat ( a popular YouTuber) once asked his subscribers to go follow a friend of his on Instagram, because he did not have enough followers to join a certain modelling agency
The modelling agency required at least 40k followers, as a way to measure popularity and promote themselves on Instagram
Tragic 🚮
Jane Bandicute
lol, i followyou bc you shot Sonya Esman, but i love you more!
Trxsh Panda
This is why I follow you. Because I like you for you, not for your follower/sub count. I enjoy your content and your talent is amazing and inspiring
your jokes are funny lol
Stephanie Clark
You’re perfect! Thank you 🙏🏽
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Hanna Rose
this is a big mood. i've compromised my values to lower my rate or give free photos to very selfish and entitled influencers and i regret it.
Everything Jessica saying is correct, however, if you're not shooting certain influencers for exposure, you simply have to attain it in other ways you may not enjoy, like paying for sponsored ads, etc. If you are simply trying to reach a certain level based purely on your work, then be prepared to suffer, for however long, because as sad as it is to admit, popularity probably plays a bigger role then we may realize when it comes to getting certain ppl to work with you. This isn't 2014 anymore, when you can just upload a photo of a lamp post or sidewalk and get 500 likes. You're fighting with more ppl than ever for views, as well as instagram's latest and greatest algorithms meant to suppress reach.
Revelart Emit Hacks
lmao more like when im trynna take a photo of a group with an iphone "takes 100000 pics tynna take the perfect one" group > "can you hurry up and take the damn photo already!" xDD
subbed because of the pokemon line lmao
Mike Ayala
I only do it to help with practice and portfolio work. Haven't benefitted from it otherwise.
andrew zaharia
brendonwoelfel found dead
Emily Roscoe
woah okay favorite video you've ever made. you're the realest
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The Problem with Instagram Influencers why photographing instagram influencers won't 5 months ago   04:40

While this might be an unpopular opinion, I wanted to address the lack of creativity in lifestyle videos. It's important to stay creative and fresh, and travel "edits" are basically all the same.

Regardless if you agree or not, hopefully you can still appreciate the effort I put into making this video :)

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