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Watch the NFL Top 10 documentary of the top 10 draft years of all time.

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Jieux Armeni
Thank the football gods Barry Sanders wasn't a Packer! Thanks Tony Manwich!
Matt Snee
Ryan Wayne
Steve Spurrier won the heisman trophy.........
Joseph Garza
1996 the year of the receiver
lol "im like Jackson before he went crazy"
'83....3 HOF QBs with a total of 2 SB rings.
Ian O'Malley
Can Newton is not a future Hall of Famer.
Paul Smego
They didn’t even mention Cameron Heyward for the 2011 draft wtf
Emanuel Habib
In 2011 you forgot to mention Richard Sherman
Mar Par
:56 in todays NFL that would not be a TD ! the way the ball bobbled from hand to chin . they would say thats not a full catch
majin shuu
Cam newton hall of fame? Lmfaooooooooooooo
Chris Kreager
1981- we know about the defense and Washington selecting 2 Hogs (Grimm and Mark May), but they surprisingly forgot ANOTHER defensive stud- Dexter Manley, the greatest pass rusher in Washington history. Drafting 2 Hogs and Manley?

Not to mention 1981 had these 3 UNDRAFTED defensive players: Sam Mills, Deron Cherry, Everson Walls.
Troy Staunton
Plunkett is proof that you’re not necessarily bust or not up to it because you don’t work out with the team that picks you. Sometimes the ingredients just don’t mix.
Scott Ferrall has a voice for newspaper.
Michael Cali
I honestly can't stand Peter Schrager.
Michael Tabor
1983 is known for their QBs
Which were great
But have a 2-9 record in super bowls
Bahala Na Kennels
Manning finished his career with a 35-101-3 record, including an 0-10record as a member of the Oilers and Vikings in the early '80s. Lol yeah he was definitely a great QB!! LMAO!!!! GTFOH!!!!
Michael Tabor
1983 had great QBS
But anyone want to guess there record in super bowls??
Elway Marino Kelly Eason
With only Elway winning
Michael Tabor
1981 was amazing defensively
I mean you ha e a guy like Hanford Dixon (who started the Doug pound not even mentioned)
Borderline hall of famed
Lorenzo Bryant
Lynn.....Ditky! The Legend
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NFL Films Do Your Job Bill Belichick Top 10 Draft Years of All Time | NFL Films 6 months ago   43:38

A great behind the scenes documentary about the greateast coach in the NFL history Bill Belichick.