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Watch the NFL Top 10 documentary of the top 10 draft years of all time.

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Why is everyone hating on the historic players they made the game an they figured out how to be good on they're own without the internet. They are way better than modern players. No question. They did it without being pampered.
Haha yeah! I got these JTs haha I would definitely buy some Joe Tomas shoes.
Ray Lewis and Ogdon were browns draft picks before they went to the Ravens.
3:59 this totally reminds me of ELI :D
Francisco Fuentes
2014 and 2017 imo will be here soon
LiteWork _
Brady Quinn is literally Justin Bieber
Justin Fencsak
2004 missing..epic fail #nflfilms, epic fail.
I'm Batman
Zach Thomas better be in the hall of fame.
Baltimore Z-Wad
Scott Ferrell needs to quit eating frogs
Joseph Gibson
2011 draft has to be #2
Xd Xd
“Three overall”
Reese Boogie
Lawrence Timmons and Lamar Woodley in that 07 draft too 😏
Devon Lewis
2011 or 2014 (which even wasn't on the list some how) should've been number 1
Sir_William _III
2014 class will be here soon
Jawa Girl
96 was a good year for NFL and NBA.
2000 NFL Draft the only one that matters. #TB12
Drake Cha
That old dude sound like that old lady's mom from Spongebob when they were selling chocolate
Arodgers12 Fan
The 2016 draft will be No. 1 in the future.
Carson Wentz
Jalen Ramsey
Dak Prescott
Joey Bosa
Jared Goff
Derrick Henry
Ezekiel Elliott
Tyreek Hill

3 Future H.O.F QBs
2 Future H.O.F RBs
1 Future H.O.F DT
1 Future H.O.F CB
1 Future H.O.F WR
Daniel Roberts
Yeah...Cam Newton isn't going to the Hall of Fame.
Em Go
Who cares about the shitty drafts in the 60s?
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NFL Films Do Your Job Bill Belichick Top 10 Draft Years of All Time | NFL Films 6 days ago   43:38

A great behind the scenes documentary about the greateast coach in the NFL history Bill Belichick.