Top 10 Draft Years of All Time | NFL Films NFL Films Do Your Job Bill Belichick 3 months ago   34:08

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Watch the NFL Top 10 documentary of the top 10 draft years of all time.

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Kevin Hernandez Jimenez
5:31 you do this to Tom Brady refs will be like, REF 1 "Hey did you see that, throw the flag and disqualify him" Ref 2 "Why?" REF 1 "Cause Tom said to and also gave us THE NOD, so listen to him!!!"
Kevin Hernandez Jimenez
Can we say the 04' draft can beat the 83' QB draft cause they actually won Super Bowls!!!! C'mon man
Chris Escobar
2004 and 2011 will go down as one of the best of all time .. just watch!
Kyle Pflaumer
20:20 know one knows if there gonna be on the football field.
Bro where do you expect them to be theres supposed to be on the football field
Archie Manning was not a "fantastic" quarterback.
Sam M
I swear if the dude with the smokers voice is on here imma throw my laptop across the room
King Kushton
Steve Atwater still ain’t giving no love
Jacob Sawyer
2017 looks great now. mahomes, deshaun watson, kittle, kamara, eddie jackson, jamal adams, myles garret. many more great ones too cant remember
J Adam
ABSOLUTE Best NFL produced highlight video I've wasted life watching...
“And the Jets just won the Super Bowl!” Hahahaha.
S DeVaul
No Russell Wilson for 2011. Mk
vince martinez
89 draft has to be one of the greatest ever
Dame Dolla
That Bruce Matthews clip was a block in the back.....😂😂😂
Jason Strom
Archie Manning and Eli look like they could have been twins. Eli definitely got his father's looks to a T.... I mean they all look alike, but Peyton not nearly as much as Archie and Eli.
Ricky Parmar
Tom Brady?
Conor O'Reilly
Adrian Peterson did not tear his ACL twice. That guy is badly uninformed.
Batman Blood
I wear my Joe Horn jersey every saints game. I loved when Michael Thomas re-created that cell phone celebration against the Rams. Paying homage to Horn! WHODAT?!

Don't think i don't see you skipped on Cam Jordan and Mark Ingram also being in the 2011 class.
2018 will be in lists like this. With Saquan, Baker, Nelson, James, Chubb, Chubb, Leonard, Ward, etc...
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NFL Films Do Your Job Bill Belichick Top 10 Draft Years of All Time | NFL Films 3 months ago   43:38

A great behind the scenes documentary about the greateast coach in the NFL history Bill Belichick.