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Trump Declares National Emergency | 美中貿易談判仍未果!揭「川普30年中國情結」- 李四端的雲端世界 - At Up-Tube.com

Trump declares national emergency 美中貿易談判仍未果!揭「川普30年中國情結」- 李四端的雲端世界 2 months ago   04:35

DW News
US President Trump has signed an executive order declaring a national economic emergency, giving his government extensive powers to regulate the activities of foreign telecoms. The White House says the measure isn't directed at a specific country or company, but the move is widely interpreted as ratcheting up pressure on Chinese firm Huawei. It's also seen as a further salvo in the ongoing US trade war with China.
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Reddron Coder
Shervin M.-
Does this man know what national security means? 🤣

Trumps method of handling : "Do as I say or deal with our dictatorship threats... we'll build a wall around u.
Ady Dee
These decision from Trump wont solve anything, China can built their own software and most of the time proven can easily hack google
awen fun
That bruh my lil brother have Huawei 3i and my big brother have 3i too and l have Apple!!😭😭😭😭
Hearthstone 101
Why don’t China ban apple? 🤔
would like to see more on this topic. :)
Green Oranges
Please destroy all China's products in Asia
Borgerandy Razo
Chinese products no good ,no quality..
Trump is turning lunatic picking quarrels with many countries. A mad man full of narcissism. America is gonna hurt most.
Home of Anime
Actually china is just being humble. If china went aggresive playing with donald trump,he can just say:"From now on, I will stop creating more iphone products for you" This will make donald trump lose a big ton of profit as most iphone product come from china and if usa make iphones the price will rise up and no one will buy iphone so iphone company will stop producing apple products as it doesnt profit them and the goverment cant collect the service tax and the goverment income will highly decreased.
Karminer _003
This is just ridicolous. If this Law doesn't get abolished the Huawei company is going to go bankrupt. Why do american's always wanted to destroy people who is getting more powerful. Come on you're acting in a really selfish way.
sandra schade
I hope he does ban Huawei tech permanently. I don't want 5G, here's why. https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/05/03/is-5g-worth-the-risks/
Ask a CISCO employee, you would know how Huawei has copied all ranges of CISCO products, source code and even operation manual since 2003. Their service website even directly linked to CISCO specification pages !), Huawei has defeated CISCO in the world network system supply with less than 50% of the price CISCO quote , using the support and subsidies from Chinese Government, and it builds a single way Berlin Wall to ban the chance of CISCO in China. This war is delayed for over 15 years that it should have happened earlier.
Dandung #02
fcku trump
Now that China has something that none of you all have, you can stop accusing them for inventing fake and unoriginal products, because that’s basically what ya’ll been doing in the last 3 years
william staffansson
What a silly country US has turned into during these four years 🤣
shizu tobi
Thats why i hate u.s.a
Augustus Amul
Chinese people are demonic liars. Trump is right! Illegal immigration in Canada is the cause of the world's problem. From fake designer goods to health medications needs to be raided that is famous in Canadian cities. They victimized innocent victims with illegal operations that keeps flowing in Canada to the U.S. border. Remember S.A.R.S.
No Name
Should put a ban to 5G !
Do you know, that the Chinese buy only western goods 🤣
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美中貿易談判仍未果!揭「川普30年中國情結」- 李四端的雲端世界 Trump declares national emergency 2 months ago   10:03


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