Trump declares national emergency 美中貿易談判仍未果!揭「川普30年中國情結」- 李四端的雲端世界 2 days ago   04:35

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US President Trump has signed an executive order declaring a national economic emergency, giving his government extensive powers to regulate the activities of foreign telecoms. The White House says the measure isn't directed at a specific country or company, but the move is widely interpreted as ratcheting up pressure on Chinese firm Huawei. It's also seen as a further salvo in the ongoing US trade war with China.

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pradeep grg
Actually us is a spy rather than hauwei 😂
SkyGrasper 11
I dont really understand, what effect does this have on current huawei users?
A Google User
Big balls does it again.
Manish kumar
I feel good about this news Huawei banned in US , I don't like Huawei phones , #bycottChinesephones plzz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Kelvin Yee
You confirm the rules, you ruin the rules, and finally, you say the rules are illegal, then sanction your rules, you are sick.
Why can't the USA find a backdoor?.
Ahmad Akram
Huawei is best
i will steal all of your cookies
Most of my classmates have huawei phones rip
cheavpor chea
I've watched TRUMP since he was in WWE. He was beated real bad by JohnCena, That's why his brain cannot work properly ......
Ian Jones
His hair is more of a national security risk
tommy cuaca
we just wait for the next generation of US President
peng Shao
Come on! we all know the backdoor is an excuse
Whel Centenaje
Dear President Trump, ban the huawei and replace our phone with iphone for FREE. deal?
Manuel Santana
China is spying with their smartphones with AI
Happy Potato
The US owes China more than $1 trillion dollars
Metal Mario
Watching this from my LG
abdul rahim
1:02 ada fazli halim
chiew hon hing
Open your eyes , this is the TRUE AMERICAN .
Anthony Clayton
So my Huawei phone will soon be a brick now I can't update it..
/'juzɚ neɪm/
I think this is done to protect Apple from competition from Huawei. We already know that facebook, google etc. are gathering and selling our personal data.
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美中貿易談判仍未果!揭「川普30年中國情結」- 李四端的雲端世界 Trump declares national emergency 2 days ago   10:03