James McAvoy & Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence Explains Her Drunk 5 months ago   03:18

The Graham Norton Show
James McAvoy will be back this week!

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Ronan Rogers
...but those leaked photos
james and jennifer have so much sexual tension here
Adradolf Lincler
lmao watch whitehall mutter “what’s the game?” at 0:39 lmao
G. pro Amg//
Now i know that Janifer has 3 moles on her tites
Who the f did Jennifer's wardrobe for that day? I'm a heterosexual girl with absolutely no sexual feelings towards her and even I couldn't focus on the stories because I was staring too much.
White power supremacists, right??? 😂😂😂 Stupid liberals
Robert Riku
I'm here for her Boobs
Asakura Joe
I love boobs
Jesus.. If you know, you know.
Moseh Khayim
How did those tatas not have a wardrobe malfunction?
Alice Lawrence
I need a movie where Jennifer and James team up romantically 💗
gaurav joshi
And i was on no fap challenge😢
Sə́n Gäbəldēɡo͞ok
Okay kay k
Wanda & Thor
can anyone explain how this game works?
what are the rules of the "punching game"
Just Me
🤣🤣😂😂 in America SJW’s now call the circle game a “ dog whistle for WS”. The media even wrote articles about it.
Epoka 1009
her attitude, a hoe
Kelsey . Elise
An attractive girl turns unattractive real quick when she’s so obviously thirsty for attention. To the point that she’s literally throwing herself out there.....
otaku and KPOP
Love he's accent
A Place For My Stuff
According to legend the circle game was invented by a guy named Matt Nelson in Ohio. But in 1979/1980 a young man, Michael Kiefer (RIP), came to our school in Danbury, Texas from Kentucky (he had lived close to the Ohio border) and "taught us". In the mid 80's our group of about 10 or 12 mostly joined various branches of the military and spread it even further.
Lana del Plaith
JLaw has the sexiest personality. I can't believe McAvoy didn't tap that - the sexual tension!
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Jennifer Lawrence Explains Her Drunk James McAvoy & Jennifer Lawrence 5 months ago   06:11

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence described to Ellen her drunk alter ego "Gail," who loves rum and jumping into shark-infested waters.