Vietnam Summit: What's Changed Kim Jong Un says it's too early 1 day ago   04:27

Wall Street Journal
President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are in very different places than when they first met in Singapore last year. WSJ explains how domestic and international forces may affect their positions at the negotiating table in Vietnam. Photo composite: Sharon Shi

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I'd never give up nukes if I developed them, they're the ultimate protection
Hilmon Stigler
God bless full denuclearization
Nikki Burris
UN Peace Keeper
US Diplomat to Moracco in 2014 reported to be linked to Former NC Governor James "Jim" B Hunt NC 2014 Mega Inheritance involving J.P Morgan Dupont Ford & J.B Hunt sending Shockwaves around the World 🌍
Effecting Stock 📈 Markets POLITICS & Law Enforcement.
Mark Bohlin
We have the greatest president this country has ever had watching out for our freedoms while trying to clean up corruption. Our country wasn’t founded based upon a corrupt government and its amazing how some of our citizens can continue to believe the fake news without even taking the time to educate themselves. We voted this wonderful man into office and I believe the next election will prove to the democrats that America is still a democracy. I am embarrassed that we show our corrupted policies to the world all the while continually fake news does their best to ruin everything we hold dear.
Trump really does skip all his military meetings doesn't he
Jim Churchill
The art of no deal created by trump
Scott Payne
*_Rev. Sun Myung Moon said in December 1971, in Washington DC, that the fate of the human race would be decided @ the 38th Parallel!_*
ihtisham ul haq
How many days will it take?
TRUMP!!! GREAT!!!!!!! I am Sourh Korean. I really respect Trump!!! Trump save the South Korea and South Korean.
Karen Yung
Kim Jong Un wants to score with tall beautiful women. Trump can sell Kim Jong Un lessons: *How to please tall beautiful women.*
Kay Scott
At least we don’t have to worry about faulty missiles hitting Japan, who totally depends on us for defense
Joshua Kim
That's one small step for Trump and Kim, but one giant leap towards world peace. Let the world be free of nuclear weapons and armed conflicts once and for all.
Captain Haddock
Weak leftty propaganda. "Kim has shown NO SIGNS of him wanting to begin denuclearization" ... apart from TELLING the press during the summit in Vietnam that if he wasn't willing to do so, he wouldn't be there.
Richard Spaur
President Trump is the best President this Country has ever had and I am 74. I was in Vietnam and the U.S.M.C 1962-66. Johnson started all of this B.S. with the death of President John F. Kennedy. Talking and negotiating is one this President's strongest traits. God Bless you Sir and your entire Family. Please tell Jr. to shave the beard! No tat's either. LOL
I'm never gonna believe anything that the Wsj says. I'll even trust fox but not wsj
Merlin Choo
sweeping statements without substance. and you called yourselves journalist. you are more suited as war monger thou.
Hans Janetzke
if Kim did not have nukes he would be dead
This could be Russia. #LetThemTalk.
Wall Street Journal is slimy Fake News
Council on Foreign Relations are very Bad Guys
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Kim Jong Un says it's too early Vietnam Summit: What's Changed 1 day ago   05:27

As President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un sat down briefly to speak to the press in Vietnam, Kim gave a rare answer to a American reporter's question.