Cute Animal Rehab at VCA! 2 months ago   02:12

Zane's World
In celebration of #NationalDogDay we gave our local animal hospital the #ZanesWorld treatment! 🐶

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Chris Helms
My little guinea pig gets acupuncture after every oral surgery she has (she doesn't chew correctly in her old age and so she gets her teeth ground down every few months) and that helps with the recovery so she doesn't have to have pain meds once she gets home so her appetite will bounce back more quickly.

What a cool facility you've shown us!
It's criminal you don't have more views. Come on, people!
Karen Marines
That's where my cat had a very expensive (and ultimately unnecessary) surgery when she was a kitten!
Buck Dodger
Why aren't these longer? Donald needs his show back! My kids and I stills say"I'm highly allergic to it's venom" all the time( with bad accents).
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Cute Animal Rehab at VCA! 2 months ago   04:26