Red Velvet - R5 live in NYC (NEW SONG) R5 LIVE at Summer Sonic in Tokyo 2 months ago   03:14

Zoe D
R5 performing their new song called Red Velvet from their New Addictions Album/EP

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Panic at the Potato
Everyone's talking about Ross lets appreciate *RIKER*
summer of 19
His booty in those pants
I was going to go when they came to charlotte which was today but my mom being the meanest person ever said I couldn't go because of the " choice of words" they used
Alisha Fairbairn
I am seeing them for the 3rd time in September!!
Johanna Arias
Faith Thomas
daddy ross
Melly B
Who else thought riker sang Lay your head down? Lmao rocky and riker sound so much alike now
allthesebitchesyoung ismyminimie
Ross. Dayumm😅
Love this song😻
rocky and ross are super sexy 😛
Reina Arana
i absolutely love the new album
Valu Relanez
Hey guys check out my new vid I just uploaded - R5 NEW ADDICTIONS EP REACTION 💕💕 hope you enjoy it x
Melanie Bumpus
I live for Ross rapping this ugh
Reina Arana
Selene Johnson
I love you Ross lynch you are so so sweet and nice
Sandrix Hozart
I too was at there concert in Memphis when I turn 21 I became SUPER BLESS AND HAPPY IT LASTED LONG NOW I REALLY REALLY NEED TO HEAR THEM ON THE RADIO!!!!
Sandrix Hozart
Nobody makes me feel this way yay!!!!😵😵😵😵I'M SUPER PUMP I'M SO DUPER PROUD OF MY BAND!!!!!!!!!😊😉😍😵😵😵😵
Swiftie 04
4 days till new addictions!!!!!
Jamal Sanford
i wasn't expect the rap part. he killed it. love r5 so much
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R5 LIVE at Summer Sonic in Tokyo Red Velvet - R5 live in NYC (NEW SONG) 2 months ago   30:09