Red Velvet - R5 live in NYC (NEW SONG) R5 LIVE at Summer Sonic in Tokyo 2 days ago   03:14

Zoe D
R5 performing their new song called Red Velvet from their New Addictions Album/EP

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Panic at the Potato
Everyone's talking about Ross lets appreciate *RIKER*
summer of 19
His booty in those pants
I was going to go when they came to charlotte which was today but my mom being the meanest person ever said I couldn't go because of the " choice of words" they used
Alisha Fairbairn
I am seeing them for the 3rd time in September!!
Johanna Arias
Faith Thomas
daddy ross
Melly B
Who else thought riker sang Lay your head down? Lmao rocky and riker sound so much alike now
allthesebitchesyoung ismyminimie
Ross. Dayumm😅
Love this song😻
rocky and ross are super sexy 😛
Valu Relanez
Hey guys check out my new vid I just uploaded - R5 NEW ADDICTIONS EP REACTION 💕💕 hope you enjoy it x
Melanie Bumpus
I live for Ross rapping this ugh
Selene Johnson
I love you Ross lynch you are so so sweet and nice
Sandrix Hozart
I too was at there concert in Memphis when I turn 21 I became SUPER BLESS AND HAPPY IT LASTED LONG NOW I REALLY REALLY NEED TO HEAR THEM ON THE RADIO!!!!
Sandrix Hozart
Nobody makes me feel this way yay!!!!😵😵😵😵I'M SUPER PUMP I'M SO DUPER PROUD OF MY BAND!!!!!!!!!😊😉😍😵😵😵😵
Swiftie 04
4 days till new addictions!!!!!
Jamal Sanford
i wasn't expect the rap part. he killed it. love r5 so much
Wish they come to europe
Ximena Ramirez
si R5 hubiera estado tocando en México nisiquiera se oiría la voz de ross porque estaríamos cantando todas a todo pulmón red velvet❤❤
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R5 LIVE at Summer Sonic in Tokyo Red Velvet - R5 live in NYC (NEW SONG) 2 days ago   30:09