[SPOTLIGHT] Eagles defeat Bears Mitchell Trubisky: The future is bright 2 months ago   25:56

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Cookies and Milk
The Eagles just play exciting football!
LATasha Hawkins
We should be back in the Superbowl we had the game but its all good it wasn't meant to be this season but we be back next season we love you Jeffrey team eagles I support my team 💚
Mike Pantelin
Karma’s a bitch! Enjoy this loss Philly/ Alshon Jeffery.
Rodney Lattany
Chicago rolled the dice and lost. Next time Chicago gets a chance to eliminate Superbowl champion's accept and embrace their destiny instead they tempted fate and arrogance proved their ignorance taunting a champion MVP proved a perilous mistake in judgment. An inexperienced coach a young inexperienced play-off football team embraced a (#1 defense title) instead of embracing an NFL Lombardi-trophy. #1 defense in a weak NFL schedule went to their heads but in reality they were unbalanced and vulnerable.
Reggie R
I think that no catch call made the difference in this game! Still can't take away from how the Eagles closed out the game. Congrats to be Eagles and their fans
Bill W
Foles Gold
John Andrus
Wow. The Bears fans crab about Parkey, but he scored more than half your points. One touchdown. The Eagles left more points on the table than the Bears and the Bears couldn't stop the Eagles at the end. The Eagles defense stepped up. It ain't Parkey's fault. He scored three more points than the Bears offense. Stop the Eagles and get into the end zone. A lousy kick-off and soft defense got the Bears into field goal range. They had time to get closer, but decided to toss the ball around. I like the Bears. If they would have been playing Dallas, I would have rooted for them to smack them around and beat up Elliott. Either way, no matter how, the Eagles won. Put the blame on the Bears' offense.
Raymond Krawiec
Violence level on sack was high? What a bunch of pussies at ESPN
Greaser Bub the Original
mark dompier
Division your right final score bears lost so you I is bears needed no favors depended on nobody else doin anything to get where we got while eagles might need to mandate a new stat assists 2 received by bears ugly game I'll close with this saints are gonna stomp a mudhole I the eagles ass and walk it dry I'll enjoy every minute too we won't assist you there let's see what happens when Chicago doesn't grant you some miracle to pull out of your asses lol
That Anthony Miller catch that the ref called dead and got in the way of anyone recovering the fumble killed it for us. He can't call it incomplete and be wrong and stand in the way of the ball. These refs are fucking garbage!
Leonard Walker
Ok for the time the fucking field goal was BLOCKED goddam
MiketheYung God
It was Nagy who was one of the guys that called Foles and convince him not to retire.
Shark Deepwater8
Everybody keeps saying Trubisky had a good game. Wtf were they watching?
The only reason why this game was close. Was the fact that the Eagles DBs can't catch. 3 potential INTs w/ 1 potential pick 6. Trubisky was not that good this game.
Sounds like Peterson isnt as gung-ho about Foles as he is about Wentz. If a coach isnt enthusiastically behind his QB, which in this case is Foles, then they will not win against a team like the Saints. I can't understand why I'm the only Eagles fan that sees Wentz as a perpetual injured inactive reserve.
The Eagles will lose because theyll play it safe offensively especially with the 2 pick offs. And Pederson will half ass prep this week. Theyll end up short going into the 4th and despite a luke warm rally, I can already hear the announcer say "a day late and a dollar short. NO is moving on to the NFC playoff." This will give Philly an excuse to cut Foles loose and go 100% with Wentz. And next hear he'll be riding the bench yet again without Foles to lead.
-my prediction-
Pederson, your golden boy isnt that injured behemoth on the horizon that you keep staring at like moths drawn to light. Your golden boy is right under your nose and his name is Nick Foles.
kc 3182x
It was 16-15 stupid, not 16-10
Mark M
Fuck u all go birds 2 times!
Please Stop
Eagles fans getting excited because they beat the BEARS Saints about to give them the spankin regular season watch GO RedSox
Dan Roberts
Bear down that eagles dick
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Mitchell Trubisky: The future is bright [SPOTLIGHT] Eagles defeat Bears 2 months ago   09:37

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky addresses the media after the Bears' 16-15 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

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