LIVERPOOL'S greatest night at ANFIELD Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona , Champions League 1 day ago   20:49


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Damo Cullen
Were coming for that title 💪 citeh
Damo Cullen
I love Melissa😘
Damo Cullen
What a group of Utd players fans club YNWA mentality monsters💪 never give up😀
Dermot O'Malley
She's hot. And she's very easy on the ear, very articulate. Who is she? Can't trace the accent either. She's a brilliant guest.
steven clark
Six times European champions it's brilliant being a Liverpool fan the fast few years... it's brilliant what kloppe has done for the club...we believe again that is the main reason we are doing well...we believe in our players that they can win trophies and they have done that now the biggest in club football... just need to get the league in the next few years hopefully..
Franny Darko
Why did that clown say CITEH are the best team in EUROPE?? BAHAHA😂😂😂😂
mark haigh
Liverpool are almost like a religion in itself...Anfield is a church. There’s a weird spiritual thing that happens, which numbs the opposition sometimes. I’m glad I love them, but even fans of other clubs must doff their caps to a truly romantic and lovely club x
Love them talking about big game man Divock, especially now he bagged the winner in the champions league final.
Arsalan Oshnavi
epic performance ...Liverpool
Let's talk about 6 baby!
Mark Harper
Not a Liverpool fan.....only watched it for Mel😂
Any idiot who thought Liverpool were out of it, did not watch the first leg, they were by far the best team in both legs and if it hadn't been for Messi in the first leg it would have been maybe 1 nil , for barca to take to the worst place to play if you ae an opposing side. Liverpool screwded Messi and barca and barca could not cope with Liverpool or anfield, the fans were lmmemse
Look at all the thirsty virgins in the comment section lusting after Melissa Reddy.
You'd think they've never been around a woman before.
Oh wait....

Omar Al kayal
robert johnstone
weve got the best manager in football hes going to bring more silverware to ANFIELD the leauge trophy is crying out for liverpool fc name carved into it we will win the league when ive no idea maybe this year we believe WE ARE LIVERPOOL YNWA
Armien Isaacs
Making South Africa proud. Articulate, knowledgeable...Oh and attractive too
Doom Man
We are best team in Europe I don't know what the guy in the blue shirt is taking about. We out played Barcelona in both legs and Man City can't get passed the quarter final stage.
Melissa Reddy is so hot!
David 19
She’s the best tv pundit when explaining all aspects of the game , also very attractive 😍🥰
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Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona , Champions League LIVERPOOL'S greatest night at ANFIELD 1 day ago   04:01

LIVE Fan reactions to the UEFA Champions League Semi Final 2nd Leg at Anfield between Liverpool & Barcelona

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