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Crazy Football Skills & Goals 2019/20 #2
The video include Football Skills, Tricks, Dribbling & Goals , from Cristiano Ronaldo , Lionel Messi , Neymar Jr , Paulo Dybala , Luis suarez , Mohamed Salah , Phillipe Coutinho , Everton Cebolinha and more…

1st Song:Spektrum & Sara Skinner - Keep You [NCS

2nd Song:EMDI x RØGUENETHVN - Let Your Heartbreak (feat. Leo the Kind) [NCS

3d Song:Unknown Brain x Rival - Control (feat. Jex) [NCS
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jhonatan muñoz
7:18 cr7 siiiiiuuuuuu 🔥💪❤ amazing video crack 😯
Anil Kunjan
Check this video for really amazing skills
Biel Silva
Juan Morales Campoy
At 6:30 the ref though looked like a running chicken😂sry
That shot was satisfying 1:40
David Thompson
Nice one
What song 09:43 ??
Rafael Football
Great video 💥
El zurdo Lautaro
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Jona Varte
love your vid from mizoram bro ,,
Hey man i love whay you do
Could you plz send a shoutout to my channel 🙏
Jason Junyoung Suh
3:43 황희찬
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Matheus Ronald
Qual é o gênero dessa músicas?
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City Sports Bihar
Neymar Jr
한썰 .
3:50 amazing
Gab Cap
See y’all in three years when this video will be recommended
Bayan Shaz
Messi muthe my heart
Luis Hernández
Crack 👏
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Sadio Mané 2019/20 | Amazing Crazy Football Skills & 1 week ago   08:01

Sadio Mané 2019/20 | Crazy Skills, Goals e Assists | HD




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