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Hustle Castle’S Extremely Confusing | Lele Pons Teaches Me How To Stand - At Up-Tube.com

Hustle Castle’s Extremely Confusing Lele Pons Teaches Me How To Stand 3 months ago   15:06

Danny Gonzalez
Today we explore the beautiful and disturbing world of mobile game ads on instagram. Sure, some are awful and gross, but some are also bad and horrible.

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Family Iitke-Wynne
Cyan Artist
Maybe that girl in the ad was an atheist
Abigail English
the sexiest rat on all of youtube? uhh sorry honey have you heard of ratalouis
Dh Hang
I Never got a hustle Castle add....

Does that mean my System is Special?
I think the last ad is an actual insane girlfriend who made the ad specifically targeted her ex with it and the person is religious and their relationship probably ended due to the rule on no premarital sex or the fact that he joined the religion
so to us it’s just confusing but to josh it’s horrifying because she’s still targeting him indirectly
Mir Bundy
Hustle Castle is 9+ on AppStore though
Chimera Doodles
I’ve gotten those polysphere ads before, and I thought that they girl talking was the one playing the game, and “ex” was josh or something. Still had no idea what they were trying to get across.
Paradox Shmaradox
A good chunk of the art looks traced and it doesn’t help the fact that the artstyle is trying too hard to be Family Guy. Also is the creator of Polysphere ok? I feel like these insults were from a real person.
Ouch_ I_Just_Got_Roasted
I litteraly got the Polysphere ad while watching the polysphere part.
Cutey Lime
The fukig hel my dode👽
Hustle castle: you fool, I have SEVERAL ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS!
Charlie Cooke
You are not your *pasta*
I saw one advert that I had to watch before watching another one of your videos and it was soooo bad that I thought you had createded it yourself as a joke at the beginning of your video. The ad is called some like 'Fruit peel' or something. Theres no way it can be an actual ad
Kim Ono
After watching an add on the video i watched the actual same add again
Dragonworks Animation
oh man that polysphere ad boils my blood bc everytime he comes close to solving the puzzle he *messes* *it* *up.*

**ocd* *shook**
Garry Gay
When u are a sock...

Nicktheprick _yt
Lol I got the last ad btw ur channel is dank
Matthew Worswick
“Distressing the Damsel” sounds like something from The Contest episode of Seinfeld
Foxesarefoxy 3
I love going to a free and addictive football game. Yes, there’s no better feeling than your favorite player scoring a touchdown after they’ve hit the ball out of the park. I love the sound of the ball hitting the bat, and the umpires calling out penalties, and watching the players pass the ball across the field and violently tackle the other team when they score a home run. This is why BASEBALL is America’s FAVORITE PASS TIME. 🏈 ❤️
j hobby
being high and watching this is so wild
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Lele Pons Teaches Me How To Stand Hustle Castle’s Extremely Confusing 3 months ago   14:26

Today I'm watching and reacting to Lele Pons' new video "How to not get bullied". Hopefully it gives me some good advice and I can finally stand up to my bully!

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