How Tariffs Could Impact Your Ag Secretary: Trump's tariffs not to blame 3 months ago   05:27

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The cost of home renovations could rise by thousands of dollars thanks to the increase in U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods. WSJ’s Jason Bellini takes a look at how consumers will be affected. Photo: Angus Mordant/Bloomberg

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petaca rimmer
I really dont like china product breaks fast, their is no point of paying 2000 labor to put a floor of 500 dolars material, if it will brake in a blink of an eye.
Russell Kimmel
This is what winning looks like.
A middle class that saw no wage increases from the economic recovery now has to pay for the tariffs.
So the person who is putting in a $75 kitchen has to pay a little more to help low and middle income blue collar Americans get a job in manufacturing? And the complaint is....what?
mrs bowen looks good whats her ig
4:28 She is very happy when say made in china. go live in china and enjoy made in china cheap products
you defined china for free ? i dont think so. go use products form other sources
Christopher N
This is just an opportunity for some American entrepreneur to replace the Chinese products. A lot of the products being sold in home remodeling used to be made in the USA prior to the opening of China in 1972. I have an older home built in 1955.....which has most of the original materials like cabinets, sinks etc. All were made in the USA. Give it time, we will be making those products soon.
A horse with No Name
News today reported the average household is going to pay out almost $850 thanks to Drumph’s tariff taxes.
Jhon Renol Popera Turno
Hey man. Its just a fair deal. Try to sell ur product in china. And live there
N. D
So what? Take great care of what you have. Stop wasting. Repair. Stop shop binging . Instead of being stuping consumers become sustainable carers of what you own
Over 88% of goods and Services are produced in the USA,let get that up to over 95%..
They should show all these little towns ,that have been destroyed by trade with China in the Mid West!!
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
4,999,999 Subscribers
TIME to switch to BITCOIN
I know I won't be buying any major appliances. I wont give a 25 % to the government, in the form of tariffs!
False news... corrupt corporations raising prices on goods sold to smaller owned companies who are also being taxed to death by state governments. Florida, California, Washington, Ohio,
Pretty much every democratic state.
Which is why you have higher prices higher taxes, high poverty, high crime
Get a clue it is not trump or tarrifs it is state socialist stealing your future while pocketing billions of your money.....
The only thing we need to do is stop subsidizing the shipping of goods from China to the US, tarrifs are worthless: they only hurt consumers.
Steve Hanson
So should the tax payers have had to pay for the trade imbalance through government borrowing to pay for your business that the US has a trade imbalance with.
If you made these products in the US, we wouldn't be talking about this
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Ag Secretary: Trump's tariffs not to blame How Tariffs Could Impact Your 3 months ago   05:16

President Donald Trump announced a $16 billion taxpayer-funded bailout for farmers hurt by the escalating trade war with China, claiming Beijing will foot the bill through tariffs imposed on Chinese goods. CNN's Jake Tapper speaks with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue about the bailout.

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