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How Many Kicks For A Football To Break | - At Up-Tube.com

How many Kicks for a FOOTBALL to break 1 month ago   05:09

Kieran Brown
Football VS! – What should I put the football up against next?

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Can a football break through a door? Metal? And a guitar? Today we find out! football experiment!

Kieran Brown.

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Karen Young
If I kicked a foot ball the door would be in pieces and the ball would of popped
Nathan Leon
Kieran Is so underrated
Michael shaffer
But if you got locked out of your house, and theres nothing but a football, why not break the window?
Justin Jordy
Thank u now I know how to break into a house
Victor Palafox
It will
halo for life yo yo
It wont
Life is a sport 23
Caze_ Aqeeto
It will break
little movement
His Number is 23
Cool Cam 77
Football?!?!? Lol we call it a soccer ball here!
mindful love.truth
This is complete rubishhhh ...
WWF/WWE style fakery at its best. People aactually by this rubish .. wwaaawwww no wonder people are getting dumber.. But keep the roman circus going for the idiots.. its not his the guy making the video the idiots watching it. Once is more then enough.
Next time don't buy a door made of cardboard
Heydudes21 XxdangerxX
4:00 *Ed Sheeran is not happy*
jamie meikle
Football v table. Football v chair. Football v car door
jamie meikle
U should try. Football v car door
Harrison Norton
Intro music?
Tottenham Fanclub
This guy is as tall as his house
Clare McEvoy
There is a football in the bushes
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How many Kicks for a FOOTBALL to break 1 month ago   04:04