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Traveling Alone In Japan - Story | Spicy Ramen Challenge With - At Up-Tube.com

Traveling ALONE in JAPAN - Story Spicy Ramen Challenge With 1 day ago   10:47

Allyson Fawley
Comment if you like BL and comment which BL I should watch next!!

Thank yall for always supporting me:) AND STAY TUNED BECAUSE IM GOING TO VISIT SANGMIN IN NEW YORK FOR MY BIRTHDAY!! Thank for watching love yall lots!!!!!

My inst : @oddly_ally

Leave video suggestions!!

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You can’t die without watching doukyuusei(classmates)
Nawal A.
Can you post an apartment update video! I really liked your last video, even though what you were talking about was suckish ;(, but I enjoyed watching you make that type of video. I'd be cool to see more sit down, casual talking videos.. idk if that makes sense. Anyways, I hope things have gotten better with your apartment. Other than the problems you've mentioned, your apartment looks great!
Amanda Malenfant
Can't wait for more videos!
I didn’t know you had a suga fan account lol 🤣👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
한국어 자막은 없나요
How much was the plane ticket to Japan?
amanda malenfant
Hope you have a great birthday! Love your videos and love how your bf is so supportive he wanted you to go and have fun while you could!
Honey Martin
Yeah next time Welcome to Myanmar though we are still developing country! I’ll show you around Yangon 😍 love you
YoshiPeach Mario
I think your cat was imitating you
Gymmy Kimbler
that sudden closeup caught me off guard
Tay S
how is your apartment situation? you should do an update😋🦟🦗🕷🐜
Tay S
love the vid as always lol💜💜
U will go to Japan again someday :)
Avery Andrews
I'm glad you went out anyway despite the circumstances. It's Japan after all right. Love your videos ❤️
Kat Kay
Your cat💜🥺
don’t mind me just sippin’ tea
I don’t know what to comment, but I’m watching the video now! So excited
Namie Aguilar
I luv boys love sm!!!
hows your apartment !?! did it get better 😰
Ev3 Nairn
Love this 💜
Edgar Mulero
First and btw I love you videos ❤️
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Spicy Ramen Challenge With Traveling ALONE in JAPAN - Story 1 day ago   16:24

Hi Guys!!!! Today we did a spicy ramen noodle challenge and answered some questions yall had about us! I hope you like this video:) Next one is him doing my make-up!!

Our Instas:


If you want to go watch some of Sangmins Korean videos here is the link!


He wants to apologize that he hasn't been able to make as much content as he wants. He only has one week left in Texas so we are just trying to spend a lot of time together.