Don Moore: Traditional Interviews Don’t 10 Best Interview Questions to Reveal 1 day ago   08:01

California Management Review
Traditional job interviews are notoriously poor predictors of actual work performance. Don Moore describes some of the various shortcomings, and provides several solutions: use structured interviews, and consider implementing more objective forms of assessment.


Based on the article:

"How to Improve the Accuracy and Reduce the Cost of Personnel Selection"

Don A. Moore

California Management Review - Volume 60, Issue 1

We are proud to publish California Management Review's Special 60th Anniversary Issue, featuring new research on Leadership from Berkeley-Haas faculty.

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10 Best Interview Questions to Reveal Don Moore: Traditional Interviews Don’t 1 day ago   12:44

You have an opportunity. Great interview questions help you…

- Reveal someone’s true personality
- Speed read a candidate quickly
- Build rapport that lasts

Your questions might be even more important than a candidate's answers. A great interviewer uses key behavioral interview questions.

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