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What to do for Traction Control warning / Check Engine Light

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Dana Palmer
Mine is having this same problem, 2012
Brittany Shay
I was told that the front camshaft needs to be replaced in my 2012 Chevy Cruze. Could this be linked to check engine light, & traction control service warnings ? Those will come on and go away from time to time. Also while driving, several different service warnings popped up, and then went away.
Fernanda Martinez
Hey I have a 2002 Mini Cooper and it has the service engine light on 24/7. But as I drive it the traction control light turns on. And when I’m at a stop light and I’m completely stopped, the car starts shaking . I’m not sure if it’s a similar problem to this one, but if you can help me figure out what it is, that’d be really nice
michael alvarado
Luis Villa
Does anybody knownif the valve cover come with the gasket, when purchasing it or is that separate
I also got a diagnosis from onstar about the check engine light the code came up as p0300.
I Have a 2013 cruze. The Check engine light and the service stabilitrak light came on. When I turn the car on it shakes and shakes more when I put my foot on the gas padal do you know what the problem is and how much will it cost to get it fix?
Austin Baumann
What's your experience with the code P0171?
Simply Kayle
I’m having that issue right now, how much was it to fix?
Kayla Willis
I have a 2011 Cruze LS - 176K on it (I bought it brand new). Never had issues until January. I had to replace the computer. February had to replace it again - under warranty and the mechanic was nice and didn't charge me. March it did it again - didn't have to be replaced, the plug needed to be cleaned. Has been fine all summer until yesterday. It seemed to lose some power, jumpy at lower speeds - Stabili & Traction warnings came on. Would you think this would be the issue as well? Or possible Negative battery cable? I have been reading on both.
Lyndsie Daniels
i had my vavle cover replaced and my check engine light since then has come on 4 times every time i took it back to the shop and now my service traction light is on. i’ve been in the shop once every month since i got this car. very frustrating! i don’t understand how the mechanics can’t find anything wrong. this video and comments helped. i’ll mention when i go back tomorrow.
Stan Quick
A bad coil caused mine to do that. Ran like crap. I had a blinking "check engine light", and traction control come on.
My friend had this happen in her 2013 Cruze. Turns out the oil cap was slightly ajar and broke the seal of the valve cover. What a pain in the neck for such a simple problem!!!
I just got the same issue and the dealership cannot trace any problem; tried reading the codes and apparently none of the codes that showed up could have caused this issue. I did ask to please check the gasket cover for leaks or at the very least do a google search first. Inconvenienced for 4 days cause they don't work on weekends here in this country; and can't resolve an issue which you guys seem to have found a solution to very quickly. Beyond angry and frustrated.
Whittney Hunter
My 2015 Trax has done this TWICE in this last 6 months smh
Jen Ward
My car is in the shop as we speak for this same scenario. Im still waiting to hear what they think the problem is.
Heather Moreno
Appreciate the info . whete can i locate the second part of this video of how to fix the issue.
Mickey Shay
What code will show up when it's read if this is the problem? Also, what do you need tool-wise to get the cover off and replace the gasket? Thanks
tamila Rankin
I had this to happen to my 2016 Chevy Malibu with only 21,000 miles on it, so it started acting like it wanted to cut off when I drove it, so I drove it to the shop and they told me that my problem was it was coming from inside the engine and accused me of driving the car knowing it had problems, which I did not. I have a warranty on my car, and I think they just didn't want to fix it, telling me I should trade it in etc. This is the second and the last Chevy I want to own, because I don't want the headache!
Carl Leonard
I have a 2011 cruze lt and am experiencing the same issue. Have changed the valve cover and gasket, and still have the same issue. Any suggestions on what else it can be?
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