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19-07 St. Louis: Sun & Shadows (Trip | 17-02 Los Angeles #13-31 Remixed: - At Up-Tube.com

19-07 St. Louis: Sun & Shadows (Trip 17-02 Los Angeles #13-31 Remixed: 1 day ago   10:48

This video features a couple clips from in and around the St. Louis area. Be sure to stay past the closing credits for a new feature, my director's commentary for this video.

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Hi Jim, I love the videos, and I appreciate the commentary. Keep up the video. The music, editing, and everything are always on point. Thanks for taking us with you.
What camera did you use ?
kelly mcclure
Virtual reality
Did you move to Dallas?
Hey Mister DJ
St Louis doesn't have an east so when u drive east its east st louis illinois..
TheHumbargur1 A9
Dude do you ever get copyrighted from these videos because of using copyright music? I mean I don’t want to argue, but you could totally get easily get shut down from YouTube. 😑 . Just kidding, LOL. 🤣
Tell Me Jim, is your favorite piece of equipment "wife"? You did put it first in your equipment list. Thanks Jim again.
J Utah
Jim. Legend. Love the new directors commentary feature!
richard starks
So if I need to shoot an old noir murder mystery movie st Louis is the place to go.

Webb Entertainment
Great video and nice music too
Like your new intro with the legendary High Five Interchange in Dallas
Jaric Johnson
Great that u ft. The dallas high five
I like this new format with the director's commentary at the very end of each video, so keep 'em up!
Rockblade2005 Anime
Freewayjim are you real guy
Adam Malkovich
St. Louis is where I grew up when I was a kid (from 0 to about 10 years of age). It's like this video brought back memories and the music and twilight of the sunset helped this mood.
James Grate
Hello Jim, we finally got a chance to meet you, sensational work as usual, as I mentioned in one of my past comments to you, your videos are some what therapeutic for me, after a hard day at work. It's great that you specifically listed all of your gear in the closing credits, thanks for the info, keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt Schehr
The video was good and the lighting was not so great but it was good interesting to know that Illinois is used as a control city for 64/40
Benjamin Armstrong
My favorite view of downtown St. L is crossing the old Eads River Bridge from Illinois.
Perhaps conditions were not ideal for filming. However, it looked like beautiful weather. It's rare in St. Louis to have a crystal-clear, non-hazy sky in late afternoon in summer. I enjoyed the new bridge footage. I traveled there in '12 so missed that.
usmc 6132
Can you record a video of I-29 in sioux city
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17-02 Los Angeles #13-31 Remixed: 19-07 St. Louis: Sun & Shadows (Trip 1 day ago   14:05

This video is a remixed version of video #13-31 from 2013 (which is muted) and the first half of video #13-32. It follows CA-110 South from Pasadena through DTLA to I-110 south to CA-47 and the Ports and eventually to I-710 North in a disk to dark setting. All music and equipment FAQ's are in the closing credits.