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Star Wars
Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX.

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Will this be the movie that saves the new ‘Disney’ franchise? Probably not. Will you watch it anyways and comment about how bad it is after? Likely.
Diogo 790
always at christmas
Steve Daigneault
We should be seeing the full trailer any day now! TFA and TLJ were both at the beginning of October
Bahama Jackson
this movie will reveal who rey's parents are. and how palpatine will return
Lord Yamcha
Luke: no one really ever gone

Darth Maul is alive
Palpatine is alive
Anakin is alive?
Unworthy Knave
Vishal Chowdhury
The greatest movie franchise of all time🔥
Meka Activated
We find out the palatine laugh is just a modified lando laugh😂
0besity FC
Seeing Joker yesterday put me on a bit of a trailer-watching spree
New trailer coming tomorrow
Luke is going to come back (force ghost) rune the entire movie preaching to us BS socialist political propaganda ... Oh, wait that's Mark Hamill in real life on twitter.
Oh God................
Logical Conservative
No thanks. Didn't watch the last three.
Wade Jesen
Who’s boycotting this movie?
ren is coming home
“Impressive” but after 3 Disney sequels! you are not a Jedi yet!!
If this movie fails, Star Wars is ruined and it will be all Disney's fault!!!
King Théoden
No hype. Omg.
Jonathan Ibasco
Seriously Disney bringing palpatine back FOr mONey
Sam T
BB-8 was already a new, smaller version of R2-D2, did we really need an even newer, smaller version of him?
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