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Star Wars
Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX.

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MerciClubdo Rétrogaming Manga
Disney a tuer Star Wars 😭
Bálint B.
me: DECEMBER!!!!
Wow, a Prometheus School of Running Away from Things situation straight from the trailer, CinemaSins will like this one!
uber goober
I wonder how they're going to unfuck themselves after Rian wrote the franchise into a corner. If this movie is the same quality as TLJ, Star Wars is done.
Colschi 03
Aj Jingco
The Force Awakens = The Saga Begins
The Last Jedi = The Divisive Sequel
The Rise of Skywalker = The Saga Barely Even Begins
i hope jj make starwars feel epic again... ep8 was a failure...
robert kaczmarek
William Bautz
Darth JarJar 👌🏽
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Jesse Vail
Disney headquarters after trailer release:

*Emperor Walt turns around in chair*

Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Jimbo Jones
Sadly, looks like she still hasn't learned how to not keep her mouth open at all times.
Kal Kofl
Help Indonesia.. Really.. indonesia need help.. To reduce dark side..
Bringing back palpatine. Fingers crossed Boba Fetts coming out from the sarlacc
Viking Bonek
Mark hamill udah lahiran blom si?
JJ Abrams : I will single handedly restore glory to the Star Wars franchise.
Palpatine: Hold my beer.
What a horrid idead
eric sjunnesson
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