Widespread Panic - New Orleans Jazz Widespread Panic - full set Phases 8 months ago   51:00

▶ New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2015 - http://bit.ly/1cqxhPP
Track list:
1. Driving Song
2. Tall Boy
3. I'm Not Alone / Driving Song (reprise)
4. Bust It Big
5. Sell Sell (Alan Price cover)
6. Chilly Water
7. Me And The Devil Blues (Robert Johnson cover) - with Luther Dickinson on guitar and Cody Dickinson on washboard.
8. Fishwater [with "I Walk On Guilded Splinters" tease] - with the Big Chief Dancers (including Luther Dickinson on guitar and Cody Dickinson on washboard).

Widespread Panic:
Live at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2015

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Jack Diaz
The setlist isn’t correct. Driving Song>Bust It Big
Will7311 S
Wsp sucks big balls/ they got no balls/ go listen to real music,like janes addiction/ This band blows
bryan billiot
i can see myself
Erick Janich
**Ron Mexico the only one sounding like a dog turd is you n you don't even have audio you stink. New drummer can make some sound
Michael Brown
I really wish bands like this wouldn't have singers. Same way I feel about Umphrey... I know, I'm about to get a lot of backfire for this. lol
Ron Mexico
I always imagined what a dog turd sounded like now I know.
Collin Hatcher
I have a feeling Jimmy held that first note out because someone said he wouldn't do it.
Justin Huffman
trucks sucks
Todd Hooper
Please forgive my ignorance, but can somebody please tell me who the young guy playing slide on the Gibson ES335 is. He got another band? Liked his style as well.
Travis Dacus
Anyone notice the guy painting? Pretty sure I saw that same guy at fall for Greenville today
AJ Clements
I think the first 2 songs on the track list mentioned in the caption are cut out.
Dean Hughes
"It's a great day for a race"
what race?
"The HUMAN RACE" -Mark Twain
Dan Freedman
Jimmy Herring rocks!
Damn. Trucks is like a million times better than Nance.
Bring Todd back. ♡
Babette Dickson
nice job drummer fillin in
Doug Oregon
Umphrey's Mcgee opening up for these guys 6/19-21 seems absurd!  Just gotta see it as the spirit of collaboration and not compare bands I guess...
Danny F
Time to hang it up boys.
Danny F
Weak. AF
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Widespread Panic - full set Phases Widespread Panic - New Orleans Jazz 8 months ago   2:23:18

Widespread Panic performs their full set at the first Phases of the Moon Festival on September 13, 2014 in Danville, IL. Thanks to Joe Shambro, Brian, LogicSystems, TourGigs and the band for the webcast audio soundboard feed.

John Bell guitars, vocals
John "JoJo" Hermann keyboards, vocals
Jimmy Herring guitars
Todd Nance drums, vocals
Domingo S. Ortiz percussion, vocals
Dave Schools bass, vocals

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