My Parents Hated My Boyfriend But He Changed 1 week ago   06:14


This is Daisy. This is a story about how her parents tried to take her first love away from her. Last year, she met a wonderful guy named Bill. He was a bit older than her, and they couldn't have been more different from each other – she was a straight “A” student, whereas he struggled with school and also worked part-time at a gas station. Her family was doing relatively well and his was much poorer.

But it didn’t matter, because Bill was caring and kind-hearted, and he always made her laugh if she felt sad. She felt happy and safe with this big goofy guy with a loveable smile. His parents loved her from the first moment they saw her, and Bill’s mom always tried to feed her because she was “too thin”. But with her parents it was a completely different story…

During a dinner with Bill, her parents asked him way too many questions, like “What are your future plans?”, “Why do you work at a gas station?”, “Do you plan to go to college?”. Bill was completely flustered because he didn’t expect those kinds of questions, and neither did Daisy. It was hard for him to answer because her parents put him on the spot, and after each response they stared at Bill with disapproval. Bill left in a hurry, and afterwards her parents started to lecture her on how Bill wasn't a very smart or reliable guy, and how bad it was that he came from a poor background. “You should think more about the future, Daisy. You can find someone more suitable to your level of education”, they told her. They implied that Bill would drag her down to “his level”.

She tried to argue with them and tell them more about how wonderful Bill was, but they wouldn’t listen. Moreover, they completely forbade her from seeing him. And well, if they don’t listen to her, she wouldn’t listen to them, so of course she kept seeing Bill. Needless to say, Bill was very upset about all of this, and thought that he didn’t deserve Daisy and that he was “too stupid” for her. She assured him it wasn’t true and that she wanted to be with him no matter what her parents said.

They met in secret for a few weeks, and she had to come up with a new excuse every time. Eventually, her parents caught on to what she was doing, and they were so mad about it. Daisy knew that logical and calm arguments wouldn’t work, so she simply kept on arguing with them until the point came where they took her phone and computer away, and she had to return home immediately after school.

Daisy couldn’t let her parents take her freedom and her beloved Bill from her, so they met during school, often skipping lessons.

It didn’t take long for her parents to find out about it. When they did, they told Bill that if he didn’t leave her alone, they would inform the police. Bill didn’t know what to do, and neither did Daisy. Her parents had never been so strict with her before.

She decided that if she couldn’t be with Bill, at least she could take revenge on her parents. One night Daisy snuck out the house and...slashed the tires of their car so they couldn’t drive her to school. When she had finished, she was surprised to realize that she was capable of doing something like that. The next day, she was delighted with how angry her parents were, but then something unexpected happened...well, actually, very much expected if she had thought more about it beforehand.

Her angry parents went to the police and told them that Bill had done it. Later, Bill and his parents came to Daisy’s house to apologize. It turned out that when they asked Bill about it, he said “yes, I did”. You should have seen his face while he was saying it – it was like he was going to start crying at any second. He was extremely upset, but he didn’t want her to get into trouble.

Her parents said that Bill should keep away from Daisy’s family and that his family should pay them money for “ruining” the car. By now she couldn’t hold it in anymore, and she told her parents that it was her who had done it. Of course they didn’t believe her, saying that she just wanted to save “this good-for-nothing boy”, and Bill kept agreeing with them and saying that yes, it was he who had done it.

She then showed her parents the knife she had used for it, and described how and when she did it in detail. Her parents finally believed her, but still said that Bill’s influence made her do it. And suddenly, Bill raised his head and said:

“Listen, I know that I’m not the smartest or the best guy Daisy could find, but I love her and I want to be with her forever, and I would never try to make her life worse in any way. I know I’m not perfect but I promise I will try really hard to be the best boyfriend ever”.this is Daisy, and

Her parents were surprised by his words and finally softened up, saying that maybe they were wrong about him after all. They didn’t start to actually LIKE him, but they were willing to give him a chance.

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HardBlizzard Lê Thành An
Lest go,LEST
Amelie Lao
2:19 did anybody realise the "Hey babe , LEST go out"? Or is it just me
Madara Uchiha
don't know why i almost cried tho.
blackbangtan is lifeu
Isn't it relatable to sweet combat?
Apollo Tonk
People should be able to love who ever they want.
Unless they are hurting you.
Mxrrxh _Gacha
Aww nice
I accidentally punched my now boyfriend in the face when I met him
Aarav Regmi
The best relationship in the world wonderful!
Blue Bunny ᄋᄉᄋ
I want to be in love too ;-;
love harmony
I had a little bit of a forbidden love to.
My now ex Fiance( matt) and me moved and he started acting different towards me and getting both mentally and physically violent to me. I now worked with a boy (talon) I went to college with and was a good friend of mine. He saw how I was always sad and taking as much over time as I could. Talon would drive me home and i would talk about the way matt treated me sometimes. He always told me it was not right. But I didn't understand because of how I grew up. When I finally did understand I started to appreciate my friend more and more till I was starting to like him but when I told my matt he had to help fix this or leve. I was left in a new place by myself for a few months. I started dating talon and still am and happier than ever.
Gymnastics Awesomeness
I thought this was someone gay cause of the thumbnail. btw that wasn’t meant offensively, sorry 😐
itz Alexlimixone
Same but I did something bad.. and guess what?... I BARELY KILLED MY DAD and i ran away from my parents and lived somewhere else
Annabel Ceja
Anyone notice at 2:20 it said “Hey Babe, Lest Go Out!” 😂
Megan Reserva
2:13 well, what are they gonna do?
It’s better to know that person before we judge.
Wait. Are we supposed to be on the girls side? Because I'm definitely on the parents.
Ceylan Jones
I understand stranger danger but if your daughter loves a boy you should learn more about him before saying he is bad. Especially if he is willing to meet you. More than just the things they asked. Like, how they met, did she meet his parents, hobbies, interests, so on and so forth. They can also ask their original questions too.
Joseph Agar
The parents are assholes.
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My Parents Hated My Boyfriend But He Changed 1 week ago   06:07