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Short Turns Demystified (Short | Tecnica Cochise (2020) Ski Boots - At Up-Tube.com

Short Turns Demystified (Short Tecnica Cochise (2020) ski boots 2 days ago   16:44


This is actually just a shorter version of the Short Turns Demystified video I released earlier this winter. Here is the link to that video: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/f4zIFnq5L_8 . I had a request for this video as I posted a link in the longer version and actually got some views. So I decided to post this video in case some people preferred to watch a slightly shorter version. Note that I actually made a new voice over at the section where I comment on the demo itself so you might want to watch it for that reason.

I’m basing this video on a technique I learned in Austria as a kid a long time ago. I call it the “Pre Turn Concept”. The reason for the name is that you make a fake turn in the opposite direction just before turning into the fall line. It’s a bit similar to a two footed release technique were you ease off your edges and tip your feet and skis into the new turn at the same time you pivot them around. However, my approach here is not from a standstill which I find to be some-what difficult but instead from moving forwards across the hill in a traverse.

First you go across the slope in a traverse and make two fake turn initiations by easing off your edges and skidding downhill only to straight away set an edge and force your downward movement to a stop. Extend up and jump back on track. On your third initiation, instead of returning to your traverse as in the previous initiations, you go for a real turn and pivot your skis into the fall line. You can do this as many times as you want. Then start making turns on your first turn initiations and then tighten your turns until you are linking short turns.

Best thing is to watch the video all the way through as there is important information from start to finish. And watch it many times as there is a lot of information. I’m also doing the video without a script so it’s more like a conversation between YOU and me than a straight forward lecture on the subject.

Please push the like button if you feel it was worth watching, subscribe and leave comments. I try to be active and answer as many of them as I can.



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Tecnica Cochise (2020) ski boots Short Turns Demystified (Short 2 days ago   09:47

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