Dale Earnhardt Rare Interview RCR Reunites The No. 3 Goodwrench Hauler with 1 day ago   02:25

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Dale Earnhardt speaks on the success of Nascar, his sons racing ability, as well as his desire to win each race.


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Under Ground
Your son did achieve greatness (Not to your level) But he tried! All the safety changes since your death? Priceless! I was a pilot for 25 years, when do they improve/fix a problem on a plane? When people die. Problems are known, but for some fucked up reason? It takes a  tragedy to make improvements happen. So yeah, you both made this sport great while alive....and after death. Thank you sir!
Eddie Brandle
Straight to the point, greatest ever
joe fyke
Nascar died when SR did
ronnie cardy
I would say he Made Nascar what it was then. I don't watch it anymore And I give it maybe another 15 years tops it will be gone
Zach Estel
R.I.P. Dale Earnhardt and George Michael
Gone too soon. But forever in our hearts. 3.
Gerry Wood
Yes he the greatest driver he had the nerve no fear 😂
YD Schools
George was a great sportscaster miss him to this day.
Pete Smith
No Way,Many drivers are way better,they just never had the Equipment he had at the time.And that is fact.To name one,Bill Elliot,just sayin'
Liam Henderson
The best bar none from, from Dublin Ireland
Evan Williams
I remember this interview. I remember when they said Earnhardt could race anymore, but I never thought it for a second. Then Dale wins the Daytona 500 and those talks still persisted then sweeps Talladega in '99 and wins Bristol and then finishes 2nd in points in 2000.
Nascar would be in much better shape if he was still around. He wouldn't stand for all the stupid rules changes and stage racing crap either
Frank Sunden
THE BEST THERE EVER WAS & EVER WILL BE ! So now you know how I feel about "the late great man in black" racing is not what it was, we lost the best !
Brian Gray
Happy Birthday Dale Earnhardt
Art Vandelay
and that sir is the france family and nascar for you we will NOT fix
anything....we will spend nothing on track safety....we will embrace
death. that is until the stands are empty, the flat-screens turned
off....then we'll employ the minimal amount of repairs and redesigns
necessary to bring back the fans. nascar is abolutely horrible. sad
Brian Gray
Happy Birthday Dale
Dylan Watson
Dale would be 65 years old next month April 29th. He would be still a tremendous ambassador in Nascar today as far as going to the Nascar hauler at every race and knock some major sense into the morons like Brian France and Mike Helton that sadly run the sport today.
Who is Dale Earnhardt?
Bruce KKaye
A legend .... however, I wonder if his style would survive today.  Intimidation
( ie. aggression) would not be tolerated by NASCAR today.  He'd be fined,
put on probation, made to sit out races and all those other things that the
'rules committee' do nowadays.  Kind of a shame.
Yes, only David Pearson had close to the same natural talent...
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RCR Reunites The No. 3 Goodwrench Hauler with Dale Earnhardt Rare Interview 1 day ago   03:37

This past week for the first time in over a decade RCR reunited the No. 3 Goodwrench hauler with it's 2001 cab. Original driver Jim Baldwin was on hand to pull his rig into the shop one final time.

The complete cab and hauler will rest in the RCR Museum for fans to see on their visit.