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Need For Speed: Carbon [Full] | Nfsmw M3 Gtr Full Build Timelapse - At Up-Tube.com

Need for Speed: Carbon [FULL] NFSMW M3 GTR Full Build Timelapse 10 months ago   6:44:27

Name of the game:
Teamwork makes the dream work! My driving has progressively gained respect from 7 legendary racers in the city. With all of our skills combined, we will infiltrate the Palmont street racing scene without a problem!

Crew Name: Legendary 7 - Only the best street racers of Palmont.

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[0:00] Introduction
[13:30] Crew Member 1: Neville

[17:42] Bushido / Kenji Introduction
[28:23] Bushido Threatened
[32:30] Crew Member 2: Sal
[1:17:07] vs Kenji - City
[1:22:08] vs Kenji - Canyon
[1:24:44] Crew Member 3: Yumi
[1:26:58] Downtown Race Wars

[1:36:05] 21st Street / Angie Introduction
[1:45:13] Darius Meet 1
[1:49:19] 21st Street Threatened
[1:59:00] Nikki Meet 1
[2:39:51] vs Angie - City
[2:44:14] vs Angie - Canyon
[2:48:41] Crew Member 4: Samson
[2:51:44] Kempton Race Wars

[3:00:24] TFK / Wolf Introduction
[3:13:50] TFK Threatened
[4:34:59] vs Wolf - City
[4:38:17] vs Wolf - Canyon
[4:40:39] Crew Member 5: Colin
[4:41:43] Premature Victory
[4:43:48] Crew Member 6: Nikki
[4:47:03] Fortuna Race Wars

[4:59:07] Stacked Deck Introduction
[4:59:34] vs Kenji - City
[5:02:20] Final Boss Threatened
[5:13:06] vs Angie - City
[5:22:18] vs Wolf - City

Canyon Duels
[6:12:48] vs Wolf
[6:15:03] vs Angie
[6:21:05] vs Kenji

Final Race
[6:30:33] 1
[6:33:16] 2
[6:37:00] 3
[6:40:43] 4
[6:42:58] Ending

*Character introduction movies were muted to avoid copyright issues.

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Christian David Perez Colorado
YouTube Christian Pérez 22 anime voz años 80 años 1996 de buenos Google gamil quedó atenta gracias por su parte el mismo electrónico Gmail que es el mismo día de hoy se le notifica mamá y papá y hija y hijos novia y novio de la ciudad de buenos aires Migos migos ya que no puedo llamar de nuevo proyecto jajaja chica de japonesa en busca Japón barrio de la ciudad de buenos aires la semana
teck deck
This man know where to go with out a GPS and The teleportasion that mean this man has played this game a lot
never uses nos 😭😭
IamNot Toxic
Canyon chase is practically inital d in other words right? Like after akina?
Naz Dhillon
My copy of nfs carbon always resets the gfx settings with every launch ! How did you avoid that ?
12:09 Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Binu Verma
please new videos uploaded
mr.chocolate ice cream
Saving spot 2:29:53
Kris White
I got really tired of seeing that mr2
The King Of Nostalgia
Me: Why the hell are you buying a new car with 30k and a stock RX-8
NFSC DLC: Am I a joke to you?
My Carbon not load the road in free roam (intensifies in pursuits) and i need to wait the road load! Help (Modded ps2)
Sheila Villeda
Cool lol
Sakolig Boyadjian
Hes to good for nos i mean his skills and drifting skills are his nos
it's gratifying to watch Reiji's videos
Ivan Cizrna
Honestly, I don't like Carbon. Because you try hard in MW to get your BMW back and here you play like 5 minutes and you lost it again? It hurts!
Brexit Louis WTO
I used to play this
Scot Tyler
question, for the collectors edition, does the bonus cars such as the 240 come already built into the game or do you need some sort of code to put in to activate the bonus cars?
EuAlberto FF
6:25:03 like a boss
Patryk K
How to unlock toyota mr2?
where did u dowload nfs carbon?
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NFSMW M3 GTR Full Build Timelapse Need for Speed: Carbon [FULL] 10 months ago   16:29

This is my M3 GTR replica build that started its life as a 2001 BMW M3 that i've based off of the M3 GTR from NFS Most wanted heavily, it is NOT an exact replica i'm aware there are many pieces that are exact, a lot of things will be changed on in it in a few months but for now i'm just enjoying driving it! :)

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