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Greg Jennings: Should Cowboys | Eric Mangini: Which Side - At Up-Tube.com

Greg Jennings: Should Cowboys Eric Mangini: Which side 1 day ago   11:01

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Greg Jennings: Should Cowboys just let Dak Prescott play out current deal? - Undisputed

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The jackass in the middle is worst hater ever
Robert Lyons
The thing is, Dak hasn’t made people put respect on his name so he’s not respected as much
Dallas has two HOF qbs and neither would be in the Hall were it not for HOF running backs. Dak is blessed to have Zeke and the Cowboys were blessed to have lucked up and drafted Dak after seven other qbs (targeted by the Cowboys) were drafted ahead of him. How many of that fab7 are still starting and playing in the NFL?
Geoffrey Heffernan
Man this lineup is horrible, who is this irritating flog in the middle, just shut up
Chop Chop
Well actually he was ranked 26th by PFF! Same people that put 7 RBs above Zeke Elliot! That should be alarming to you! Stop using them! I stopped watching their videos cuz their logic is getting outta hand! Last 8 games with Amari... Dak ranked top 5 in both TDs and Yards! That should tell you something! Wentz had Jeffrey’s and Zach ertz and Dallas Goedert! No one gives him a hard time! But because he was a first rounder!
Chop Chop
Seattle lost that game the Cowboys didn’t win!

Y’all niggas trippin....Smh I’m out man!
All this debate about dak but what other fucking qb you gonna get, qbs dont grow on trees especially reliable ones that are second in wins in the league behind tom brady named dak prescott...if you count on not paying dak and draft one late in the 1st your lookong at getting a guy like drew lock or cj beathard and your right,back where,you started.
Joshua McKeever
Wow now they found an excuse for the seahawks.
Mark Claiborne
Rob is a hater
This is simple... I've seen much better QBs than Dak be UNABLE to carry a team after their big contracts. Pay him if you want to. The season after that contract, after those other stars contracts dont get renewed... good luck w that...
El Nachismo
I’ll take 27th ranked QB, low TO ratio and be in the playoffs as 2 time division winner in 3 years as opposed to Andy dalton.
beau alade
Why is Rob Parker still employed as a sports analyst
I like Jennings. At least he played the game. Nothing annoys me more than these no name nobodies trashing professional athletes when these losers probably get winded walking up the stairs.
Chris Martinez
Glad Sharpe isnt there, with his annoying ass. Cant stand ppl that biased.
Halo Movie Music
Dak and Zeke are extremely overrated and im a Cowboys Fan
jesus martinez
Greg Jennings always breaks his neck to defend dak, weird.
Brooks Broox
Can I get my view back?
thomas bonner
Greg Jennings shouldn’t even be talking to these niggas they stupid asf if dak so sorry why is he 3-1 vs wentz with 2 nfc east championships
J Ander
Yo know Rob Parker can’t wait to say Brady declining
“Tom Brady is declining” shut yo hating ass up
Gage Byers
Dak has more talent in his shit, than rob Parker has in his whole body!
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Eric Mangini: Which side Greg Jennings: Should Cowboys 1 day ago   11:57

Eric Mangini: Which side are you on: Dak Prescott or Cowboys? - Undisputed