First All new 2015 Ford F150 2015 Ford Lariat vs King 5 months ago   06:56

Troy Young
First all new All new 2015 Ford F150 King Ranch 4x4

Just arrived
2015 Ford F150 King Ranch 4x4
Troy Young
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Jose armas
Porque no ases el vídeo de la ram 2500 2020
doctor jones
Where did the sun roof covers fold into😕❓thats an illusion😃👋
Evan Vasquez
Is it white or pearl
Preston Liddell
Truck is like a shuttle. I love it.
Bob Davis
Love the F150's but makes me so jealous seeing real power of a diesel F250/F350.....
Original Texan
Looks like the same garbage navigation maps. My 2013 has the Garmin. Looks and acts like 2006 technology.
Tru Gaming
is it a v8 or v6
Yt Ninjayusu XD
Tammer Khalil
Keren Borges
another thing that you forgot to mention is the 2 step ladder the f150 has. When you are going to look go to the bed, notice that the door has a squared button at the top , if u press it the ladder comes out
The only thing that I wish SHOULD BE STANDARD here on the King Ranch - as well as on the Platinum (the two highest trim) - trim is the bedliner - drop-in or spray-on.
Nickal Thorne
Love this truck, even in white!
josh b
would not want this one. the inside is ugly as fuck with that brown. it looks like an old mans oldsmobile.
2016 Nissan titan xd is more luxurious
Ploffy Kha
im looking at the Lariat because i cannot stomach that double sunroof, what a cheap looking gimmick.
I like All new 2015 Ford F150 King Ranch 4x4 .good vdo
IOE Swagger
I really like this truck!
Daniel Ortego
Great video so thanks for sharing. I'm looking more at the 250 and 350 but the 150 is definitely a more refined truck. While I'm a little bit iffy on the aluminum construction I'm sure it pays off in terms of performance.
Steel frame and aluminum bodied
Sense you dove it around what is the Used Price.
HRB 21
hello cool video may i please know that price of the king ranch f-150 2015 thank you :)
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2015 Ford Lariat vs King First All new 2015 Ford F150 5 months ago   09:09

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