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Listen to “when the party's over":

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing when the party's over (Audio). © 2018 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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Romaine Pavey
Billy, why are you doing this to meh?? Your songs are sooo addicting!!!!! I 💖 them!!!!!
Another Stranger
I like scrolling to comments to see the lyrics instead of using google
This song has been stuck in my head for the past four days and I'm not mad about it
Ahmetcan ZzzZ
Alissa Taylor
My boyfriend just broke up with me and now I'm listening to every sad song I know
Raul Guevara
So I got nominated prom king, ended up not going because of my parents and this was what I’ve been listening ever since
BettaFun 561
R.I.P. Black Drink....

I miss the black stuff :"c
*_-c a l l m e b a c k-_*
me: picks up my headphones and turns on this song
me: starts crying uncontrollably.
my brother: walks in my room and sits on my bed
brother: hey are you crying?!
me: ~sniffles~ no...! ~wipes face~
brother: ~takes the headphones and puts them on himself~
brother: -~5 seconds later~ 😭🤧
us: 😥😭❤️🤧
The Blue Moon
even if you are happy, this song makes you feel gloomy
andres rodriguez
When you are gay and depressed=BillyMyDude
Raudhah Basem
I’m crying in tears cause this is like my dad and me cause his at another country and I’m at another country and I’m going to see him after 2 months😢😩
Lily Z
No she’s 17
The Doll Memories
I am so upset I didn't discover this earlier! Note to self: Don't ignore your recommendations.
K. Rose
hi loves, check out my cover!
Julisa M
Billie Eyelash
Savannah Lambe
i dont get how this song is sad she is just trying to tell someone she will call them when the partys over
Mallory Daley
I remember walking home from school with my best friend and seeing that the song was posted not even an hour ago and just listening to it on the way home. Then t started to snow. It was just a really nice moment.
Luna Nunes
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I Copied Billie Eilish... Billie Eilish - when the party's 6 months ago   10:03

Billie Eilish is an iconic fashion icon for me, so I decided I would dress up like her for a bit and see if it makes me feel good or look like a goober.This is Value Village thrifting knockoff dupe Billie Eilish

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