GameStop Girl be Playin' Games 5 Hidden Signs a Girl Likes 1 week ago   10:23

Found a Gamestop that had a cute employee and of course nothing happened with that and everyone lived happier ever ever.

*Looking through comments on my wall post to give credit to the girl that suggested this title for this vid. Will update it here once I find it.

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Jessa Yup
Love that David So gif .
I swear ive seen swoozie before and he complimented my hair and i didnt even know who he was
I know im a bit late to the video but.. idk if any other car enthusiasts also watch this channel but i know for a fact thats an evo at 9:05
Diyanah Choong
HEY SWOOZ! Got something for you
Check her out, Jennelle Eliana.
New Youtuber
Qwanisha Perkins
Nathaniel Garcia
Game info what you going to do I got like..
greg strong
Il end yo boi in super smash
Joshua Martinez
Mah boi this video you made swoozie is so funny xD!!!
Is this guy on crack?
Yup, he鈥檚 on crack. 3:18
Alex Gottiman
鈥淎nd I spank them some more鈥濔煒煒 Swozie out here ending careers
Yo swoozie why this girl look exactly like Dora you just moved the hair
Just Me
*pours liquid*


Swoozie a 馃悙
Keep uploading please!
jayden mascoll
yo from Barbados
Jorge Micolai Badua
Isaac Teeba
William Nunez
My guy wtf I was bout to hit the gym...
BUUUT I found your channel and I started binge watching all your videos and I got a big ass bowl of comfort food. Big Mood.
lil bot
Alejandro Herrera
Swoozie is a person to learn from
David Jenkins
At 3:16 I was jamming lmao
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5 Hidden Signs a Girl Likes GameStop Girl be Playin' Games 1 week ago   07:48

Want to know how to tell if a girl likes you? Here鈥檚 a big surprise gentlemen, there are hidden signs a girl likes you. I know, frustrating. But the good thing is that once you know them鈥 these discrete signals she likes you, they鈥檙e easy to spot. And you鈥檒l start to see them everywhere, in a woman鈥檚 body language, her eyes, her smile, and of course in what she says. These are especially common in shy girls and a woman that has a crush on you.

So want to know if she is into you? Look for these 5 subconscious and hidden signs.

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