25 Famous/Unforgettable Goals in Football History Greatest "1 in a Million" Plays/Moments in Sports 7 months ago   07:36

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25 Famous/Unforgettable Goals in Football History
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Raw Sauce
Van Persie's header is so incredibly overrated an I say that as a United fan. There is absolutely nothing special about that goal, it was good but that's it
Klemens Amezcua
Its missing Aguero's last minute gol
Younes Benbouzid
Zidane is the soccer - GOAT!
Harpreet Bedi
Dafuq ..what a touch by bergkamp
Cool but missing some very important and good goals from players like Batistuta, Weah and Pele.
anagh BG db
What about Henry's amazing dribbling goal against Real in 2006?
Vic S
2:53 Jesus that run from ronaldo was insane
Robin Katsu
the goalie could have guessed that Panenka was going to score the penalty with a panenka
Alexandru Duțu
lawliet L
Nevlinda Woi
Messi is the best of all time
Daniel E Ruiz
loved them
Sayan Bhattacharjee
Sayan Bhattacharjee
Sinalo Mlindi
England has been the victim multiple times hey
Poor England
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Greatest "1 in a Million" Plays/Moments in Sports 25 Famous/Unforgettable Goals in Football History 7 months ago   12:11

These are the craziest/luckiest plays/moments in sports, some of these aren't exactly "1 in a million", but they're all close

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