25 Famous/Unforgettable Goals in Football History Greatest "1 in a Million" Plays/Moments in Sports 3 months ago   07:36

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25 Famous/Unforgettable Goals in Football History
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Madhu Agarwal
once zlatan didn't went to the school for to days....since then it was called Saturday and Sunday
Egg Oreos
Waiwaiiiit compare swe-eng 2012 and swe-eng 2018 4-2 0-2
Suiss Rank
Is this only for white players if not Jay Jay vs olive Kahn should be here and ibrahimovic vs England thank you
Update Ronaldos long distance goal with his overhead kick in the CL quarter-final against Juventus
Padraig Geraghty
In the goal with messi the narrtior said goald at least a 100 in and minute goal goal goal goal gaol
Apple Pi
5:53 Messi just gave this mans a heart attack.
Daba Nwatughara
Seriously legendary
Faded Animations
England have suffered too much
2:20 イブラ神すぎ。
You Tube
This vidio is the best
You Tube
This vidio is the best.
michael f
Is this guy a arsenal fan
DanYaL Laghari
Messi at 19 amazing dribbler goal..❤❤❤❤
Baze9 Media
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momin Abbas
antara messi antara messi antara messi
chendrajaya muliani
Andrea Pirlo.. Is Maestro .. The Best Playmaker.
Rodrigo Torreblanca
almost perfect... maradona's goal.. with his hand.. is not for this expectacular video
subu thakur
The real game....
Baby Girl
At 2:25 to2:31 Ibhramovic used too much Cruyff turn
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Greatest "1 in a Million" Plays/Moments in Sports 25 Famous/Unforgettable Goals in Football History 3 months ago   12:11

These are the craziest/luckiest plays/moments in sports, some of these aren't exactly "1 in a million", but they're all close

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