Who wants to be a Millionaire - Major Fraud 8 Times Chumlee Scammed The Customers 5 months ago   09:53

The Major Fraud

Charles Ingram originally appeared on the UK Who wants to be a Millionaire in 2001,and won a million pounds.However,it was discovered that he cheated all the way to the million.

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Mario Cortes
Osi ok dile golpio y abuso sexsual de una preguntale maldito te aprecie como mi ermano mas j eso te respete tu casa tu familia cuando te quemaste yo cude k no se prendiera el apartamento
Mario Cortes
Estan listos dile atu papa k se lebante
Mario Cortes
Ya se kien enpeso esto de donde enpeso no les inporto mi familia ami tampoco la de ustedes
No putos chismosos de mierda
Mario Cortes
K venga por mi orita ya saven kien diganle
Kenziee tukang main free fire
siapa yang disini dari calonsarjana
Meanwhile BBC employees steal millions from the British public every year
D James Morgan
"A classic tale of greed and deception" is called the US tax cuts for the rich!
Kevin Durant
anyone noticed september 9 2011, two days after is 9/11.
Napalm Nathan
everyone got paid for this production.
Hooked Toronto Fishing
the coughing technique didnt even work in grade school. how tf did a show let this happen lmao
I'm just going to be devil's advocate here and say that besides the 32,000 question concerning Craig David, all of Ingram's first guesses up to 500,000 were actually correct, so it's not actually that hard to believe that he could have gotten pretty far on his own. The 500,000 question was just way too suspicious though.
Ryan wyrick
So for you kids it's more like a ploy to get you to watch the show and get connected with the show or something because they don't actually follow through with giving you the results of what happened here everything gets cut off halfway through it so don't even start watching it you'll be so disappointed
Ryan wyrick
This video was more of a frog than what I witnessed about the video good job guys got cut right off well I'd say that's irony at its finest
Kathy Lucas
What?? It was a fraud??? 😡😵🤷‍♀️
Tom Perkins
I too, sadly remember when I was caught cheating on, "Who Wants a Slice of Cold Pizza?"
Sean Murray's Best Friend
Fuck Martin Bashir
Marilyn Harmon
So funny major fraud lol
El Lobo with glasses
They don't like loosing money
Dis I like
What in the fuck is a clothes horse!!!
Ferdinand Magellan
it makes no sense, if the other guy knows everything, why doesnt he just play
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8 Times Chumlee Scammed The Customers Who wants to be a Millionaire - Major Fraud 5 months ago   11:23

8 Times Chumlee Scammed The Customers | Pawn Stars

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When compared with the rest of the Pawn Stars, Chumlee certainly isn’t the best negotiator out there, but not all of his deals are a total train wreck. He’s been in a business for long enough to learn a thing or two, especially about the items he’s passionate about. Chum is actually an expert when it comes to pinball machines, video games and comic books, and deals usually go smoothly when customers show up with one of these items. That’s when he really gets in the zone and proves the world he’s not as incompetent and dumb as everyone thinks. Let’s take a look at 8 times Chumlee played the sellers hard.

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