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Lightyear One Solar Powered Electric | Vw Id Buzz | Fully Charged - At Up-Tube.com

Lightyear One solar powered electric VW ID Buzz | Fully Charged 5 months ago   21:46

Robert Llewellyn gets an exclusive first look at the Lightyear One hyper-efficient luxury sedan, a partially solar powered electric car. And gets to experience it as one of the first passengers!

When Solar Team Eindhoven won the world solar challenge in Australia driving a 4 seater 100% solar powered car over 3,000 kilometers, no one would have believed that a handful of years later they could come up with this.
The Lightyear One. A spacious hyper efficient partially solar powered electric car.
We know the future is electric, could it be solar electric?

More stats and info: https://lightyear.one
#Lightyear #LightyearOne

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andrew sumale
I find enormous satisfaction watching energy efficient vehicles get recognition it deserves
my chromebook
10:11 if you're watching as an American, you've got to add a 20% european sadness factor to understand their enthusiasm.
damn, why... shall we wait another 6 months before we charge up? :D
Sion Benjamin
Brilliant! ... and no "greener shape"!
Steve Walker
That is a beautiful car. If they're trying to compete with Tesla, I hope they're looking into self-driving features as a long-term goal, or are willing to offer a lower price to make up for it.
cookie k
This is good, my car turns into an oven in the summer.
Will they be making an SUV model, would love one with a bigger boot and more seats
That is one ugly ass car lol
Sorry to all ppl who live in gloomy areas
Sam Nichols
To me this is the best answer to the energy problems we have and the only car that really makes the environmental impact of the chemicals from the batteries worth it. I just want to know how fast can the car go. The video hasn't told us!!!
How do we film cars all over the world without flying?
Emmmm........By Sea.
Gongoozler I am
Maybe garages will be a thing of the past I tell my grandkids about and then just look at me like I'm weird lol
Gongoozler I am
Can you imagine designing a car and then building it yourself? They are so cool! :)
how fast wil it go?
Fire of Jagz
About time, a new Dutch car brand! This concept looks really nice. Only the back looks a bit too large in my opinion, although making it a station wagon might fix that
jayna reynolds
Something snarky about this car and crew. This seems like the typical vaporware scam.
Robert Romero
"partially solar powered" means "not really solar powered".
Epic Kosmic
I'm happy to see that a company has the courage to step out of the box & do something like this
I'm here for this!!!
peter van
Must be pretty delicate if they have to push it by the wheels.
James M.
I like the integration of solar and the rear wheel skirts.
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VW ID Buzz | Fully Charged Lightyear One solar powered electric 5 months ago   27:07

We never thought Californian police officers would close down a street in Santa Monica to allow Jonny Smith to test drive the extraordinary Volkswagen ID Buzz. But they did.
He also gets a look at the WW ID Crozz.
Jonny delivers a very comprehensive review of these extraordinary vehicles.

Official Volkswagen info:

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Presented by Jonny Smith @carpervert
Filmed and edited by Mark Taylor-Hankins @inksharkman
Music by Jair Claudino Rodrigues Junior